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Global Background Screening is an HR Consulting firm, offering a full-suite of background screening and drug testing services. This includes helping our clients get integrated with the proper ATS to process all of their applicants for onboarding as well as performing the background screening. Global Background Screening prides itself on its dedication to customer service and technology solutions.

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Our Story

Tracy Shatus, founding Partner and CEO of Global Background Screening got her start in the background screening business, when her dad, Bill Jones, a Military Police Veteran owned and operated a multi-state private investigation agency.  In the late 1990’s before background screening was even an “industry” - she worked part-time at her dad’s private investigation business while attending college.  


When people needed information on someone, they would usually be referred to a private investigator to do a “background check” on someone that they were considering hiring, or dating, etc.  They were receiving more and more inquiries to do background checks and Bill decided to open a separate division of his private investigation business dedicated solely to background screening.  He put Tracy in charge of the project, making her his business partner.  And so began the tedious task of figuring it all out!


Some 25 years later, the father and daughter team have owned several background screening companies over the years, built a clientele and then sold the companies to  bigger conglomerates.   


Tracy says Global Background Screening, LLC is different.  She will be actively involved in this business until she retires!  Bill is a silent partner and Tracy says he is still a wonderful resource with tons of knowledge in the industry that she taps into quite often!


Global Background Screening currently has 18 employees, over 1000 active clients and 1500 court researchers and contractors around the globe.


 Our customer oriented approach is designed to give small to large businesses the highest level of quality service and build trusted relationships over time. GBS has a reputation for excellent client service, accuracy, quality of information, easy to use technology and ability to meet our commitments to our clients.

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