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GBS Provides Solutions to meet the growing demand of quality screening of Employees, Contractors and Tenants

Below is the list of employee background verification screening services. These services can be customized to meet your specific government contract or organization's requirements. 


County Criminal Records

Containing the most accurate and up-to-date criminal history records, a county-level criminal history search is the building block of a comprehensive screening program. Records are physically checked at the court by our professional and efficient network of information retrievers.

Statewide Criminal Records

Some states have created a central repository for housing criminal records that are reported by the county courts. Where available and reliable, a statewide search is an affordable way to expand the scope of your background check by scanning all counties within the state. Global Background Screening conducts routine audits of each state’s repository, reviewing the accuracy of the county reporting, turnaround time and other important factors. We then determine if the state repository search meets our standards and is deemed a reliable search.

Federal Criminal Records Check

A Federal Criminal Records Check allows you to review cases prosecuted by the United States Government. These crimes, not found in county-level or statewide searches. Federal record searches are conducted at the district level, found in your applicant’s districts of residence. The Federal criminal history check allows you to uncover offenses handled by federal courts such as fraud, immigration violations, military records, drug trafficking and crimes committed on US Government property. These backgrounds checks are incredibly important for employment screening.

National Criminal Records Search

Contains over 600 million records from states representing over 90% of the population. Containing records from sources such as the Department of Corrections and the Administrative Office of the Courts, the National Criminal search is an effective “pre-screen” tool.

National Sex Offender Check

The National Sex Offender Checks offers a comprehensive look at sex offender registry data from 50 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, and Guam. It is also offered as a stand-alone search.

Civil Records Check

A Civil Records Check through Global Background Screening will confirm judgments, liens, bankruptcy information, child support garnishment or pending civil suits.

Healthcare Sanctions Level I, II, and III checks

MedData, our proprietary platform for healthcare is the primary source content from federal and state sources for exclusions, sanctions debarments, and disciplinary actions against health care professionals and businesses for all published license types and publishing jurisdictions. Anyone in the healthcare field outside of admin should be utlizing these background checks.

Professional License Verification

Actively tracks licensing regulations and requirements across all US States, territories, and jurisdictions. Here's a list of Professional License Verification Accountants Accupuncturists American Academy of Professional Coders American Board of Internal Medicine Athletic Trainers Chiropractic License Dietician and/or Nutrition License Doctor's License FCC / Pilot and Airplane Mechanics Insurance Commissioner Medical Assistant Medical Coder Medical Examiner Nurse License Occupational Therapist Pharmacy License Optometry License Physical Therapy License Physician's Assistant Principals and School Related Occupations Professional Engineer Radiology Technician Real Estate Broker Respiratory Therapist Surgical Technician And much more. Whether you need to verify a teacher certification in Louisiana or Florida Bar Board certification, we have you covered.

Continuous Healthcare Monitoring with Alerts (NEW)

Highly-advanced continuous medical monitoring solution that proactively alerts you to newly found record information as well as changes to record information found previously. This post hire background check is one of the newest innovative background screening services available.

Motor Vehicle Report - Driving Records

Every time an employee starts a car on company time, the employee and company are liable. Even though the employer may be fully insured and bonded, just one suspended, revoked or uninsured driver could lead to financial catastrophe for your business. Depending on the state and the license type requested, driving records include the following for the last 3-7 years: License status, speeding violation, DUI / DWI offenses, Equipment misuse, insurance violations, registration violations, license suspension history, accident history, moving violations. These background checks are a necessity for anyone having to drive under your dime.

Can a Background Check Verify Employment?

Employment Verification searches previous employers of the candidate. At Global Background Screening, researchers make direct contact with past employers to obtain a history check of dates of employment, position held, and reason for termination. Checking the background of the employee's employment history is one of the most frequently falsified checks on resumes and applications. This is why reviewing a candidate’s prior employment performance is a useful tool for predicting their performance at your company. GBS takes pride in being one of the top employee background verfication companies in Tennessee and around the nation. Globally Employment Background Checks We currently do not provide global employment verifications after the Covid-19 pandemic.

Education Verification

GBS can verify all educational claims; GED, high school graduation, undergraduate and graduate school, technical, business and trade schools, medical, nursing and attorney licenses. Education information is often misrepresented. From phony graduation claims to diploma mills, hiring a candidate with false credentials can spell disaster for any employer. Education verification includes: attendance dates, graduation status, degree earned, major course of study, and graduation date.

International Criminal Background Checks

From Afghanistan to Zimbabwe, Global Background Screening offers criminal record searches from around the world. Whether it is Asia, Africa, Europe, Oceania, South America, or North America, we search criminal records in more than 220 countries and territories worldwide. Visit our International Background Screening Page for all details on city, countries and international background check pricing.

Global Sanctions Search and Terroristic Watchlist

The Global Homeland Security search is a background check with over 120 global databases continuously collected from over 125 state government agencies, U.S. federal agencies, and international governmental agencies pertaining to individuals who may be involved in terrorist activities, money laundering, illegal imports, fraud against government agencies, violations of federal banking regulations, and criminal activity (fugitives from justice). These employment screening checks are a must have for anyone working with children, high level industries like doctors, lawyers, and publicly shown individuals.

Drug Screening

Processing options include traditional lab-based testing, onsite specimen collections, instant clinic-based testing and instant onsite testing. Testing methodologies include hair, urine, and blood verifications. With the partnership with LabCorp Global background screen has over 10,000 clinic locations nationwide for specimen collection and provides extensive expertise in regulated and non-regulated environments. Additionally, all lab and clinic-based drug screening results can be integrated with GBS’s easy to read background-screening reports. Department of Corrections or DOT Background checks are available. Due to our background check volume we can provide the most affordable drug screening services around.

Continuous Criminal Monitoring with Alerts (NEW)

Monitor arrests, criminal records and more post hire. You choose the types of records to monitor. Starting as low as $2 a month. Make sure a candidate's criminal history is uncovered even after employment. You are given an alert from steamlined police arrest records within 24 hours.

What States and Countries Do You Service?

Even though we're an employee background screening company in Tennessee, we service all 50 states and 200+ countries. Our background checks follow strict FCRA guidelines for employment background check and for any housing purpose background check . Give us a call or shoot us an email if you have any questions! Full list and International background check pricing. Toll Free 855.561.5890

Credit Report History Check

Here at Global Background Screening we have two separate credit report checks. Employment Background Check - Applicant's credit is not hit. The report omits the FICO score per Fair Credit Reporting Act. Tenant Background Checks - Applicant's credit is not hit. The check provides the candidate's FICO score. Credit Reporting is an important check and recommended for anyone working or dealing with finances or housing purposes. In addition to credit reports, we can also provide bankruptcies, liens and judgments

What does a Social Media Search Provide?

The Best Social Media Background Check Provides employers with a complete detailed view of all of a candidate's user-generated info that matches the pre-defined employer criteria.


A search is done across Open Sources that includes:

  • Google
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest

For Subject ‘matches’ using Subject's provided information that may include: First Name, Last Name, Email Address, Date of Birth and Photo ID. Our Team of analysts will review search outcomes to identify any Derogatory Indicators as specified by the client.

Derogatory Indicators refer to the following areas:
  • Potentially Unlawful Activity
  • Sexually Explicit Content
  • Potentially Violent Behaviour
  • Racism and Demonstration of Intolerance

If any derogatory indicators are identified, sources and supporting content will be displayed in the report.

A search on a candidate that results in no negative content will have a “No Pertinent Information” comment displayed in the Report. Intention is not to review personal Social Media profiles internally in view of personal privacy. Mandatory Documents to upload: Resume or CV in DOCX, DOC, PDF, RTF or TXT File format. Date of Birth A photograph of Candidate Turn around time 5 business days

How to do a Dark Web Search

This checks covers Social Media Search AND Dark Web search which reports data breaches related to individual's passwords, personal details etc that were hacked and are visible on Dark Web. The Deep web is also searched as well. Mandatory Documents to upload: Resume or CV in DOCX, DOC, PDF, RTF or TXT File format. Date of Birth A photograph of Candidate

Driving Records


Medical Services

Tenant Screening