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How To Order a Personal Background Check?

How To Order a Background Check on a Tenant?

How to Order an Employee Background Screening

What if If I have to Deny someone employment? 

What is a Pre-Adverse Action Letter?

What's an Adverse Action Letter? 

How Much Does A Background Check Cost? 

Will a Background Check show Pending Charges? 


How to order a background check on yourself


1. From the website homepage (, you will click on “Order a Background Check on Myself”.


2. Choose the package by clicking on the image.  You can click around in the different packages to see what services are included in any specific package. 


3. Once you select a package, you will be asked to complete all necessary information pertaining to the background check.  Once all the information is complete - you will “add to cart” at the bottom of the page.




4.  Once you add your order to the cart, you will come to this next screen where your order will be confirmed and you will checkout.

5.  Once you select that you are ready to checkout - The next screen will appear with the  shipping information (what email address you want the report sent to)  and a chance to enter any promo codes for a nice discount.  (Be sure to call the office at (423) 500-4004 to take advantage of these special offers!!).



5) Once you click continue - you will come to the payment screen where you will enter in your credit card information.




6) Once you enter your payment info - this next screen will appear.  YOU MUST CLICK ON THE “COMPLETE E-CONSENT” TO FINISH THE BACKGROUND CHECK.




On this next screen - you will click the button that best describes your situation.. 




Once you make a selection, it will route you to the correct “E-Consent” form




You will read and then agree to the terms of the background check here






You will then be taken to the screen where you input all of your information for us to run the background check




Once you enter all the information, you are ready to sign the Disclosure and Authorization Form.  This form also contains some state specific requirements - and if any pertain to you - you will simply check the box and then “Submit”







YOU ARE DONE!  You have successfully entered all required information and your background check will be entered in the que for processing.  Depending on what package you choose and how many counties or states we are searching records in - the background check is usually returned within 24-48 hours to the email address that you entered earlier in the process.  


All of our background checks on the self order portal are FCRA compliant, except for the BASIC search.  This is a National Database search only and does not meet the requirements of the FCRA.  We use this search mainly as a starting point, as it covers the whole USA and includes 600 million records from multiple state agencies, courts, administrative state offices, etc.


Any other search that we perform is FCRA compliant and the report that we provide would be exactly the report that an employer would receive when doing a background check for employment purposes.  


As you can imagine - we get lots of questions about the security of our data, whether it be information that is sent through emails or sent through the portal etc.  

For all of our security needs, we use which makes emails, databases and electronic consents as secure as it gets. For an added security measure, we also upload any attachments into our platform and delete the emails when we’re complete.


You can learn more about our security here



Another area of concern is the privacy of your information and how we handle PII.  You can read our privacy policy here







How to Order a Pre Adverse Action Letter effortlessly on Our Platform.


What is a Pre Adverse Action Letter?


What is an Adverse Action? 


When do you send a Pre Adverse Action Letter? 


How long do you wait to Send the Adverse Action Letter? 

What is an Adverse Action for Employment or Tenant Screening?


An adverse action notice (or sometimes called adverse action letters), simply put, is what you need to do when an employer or Landlord does not move forward with your application based in whole or in part, on the information received in a background check report. This can also include a demotion, not being eligible for a promotion or termination. 


This information can come from many sources, including criminal records, credit reports, professional license verification, drug testing results, and even social media screening etc. 


It is similar to the process of applying for credit and not passing the credit requirements.  When an employer chooses not to hire you based on the information in the background check, there is a strict legal process that needs to be followed per the FCRA.  


Global Background Screening tries to make this process as user-friendly as possible – with a tab on our website that explains the process in detail and the exact steps to take.


The Adverse Action process is put in place for the protection of the applicant/candidate/tenant.  It could be that negative information is showing up on the background check that is not accurate or current or information that should have been changed by the courts – any number of things can happen.  The Adverse Action process notifies the applicant of the information and gives them the time they need to try to make it right.

1)     Provide a disclosure that a background check will be ordered and get written consent for obtaining the background check.


2)     Once the background check is complete and if the employer decides not to hire the applicant (due to information found on the background check) the employer has to give the applicant a copy of the background report, a Pre-Adverse Action letter, along with a Summary of Applicant Rights . The FCRA says the employer should give the applicant a “reasonable” amount of time to review the information and dispute any information that the applicant deems to be incorrect.  (It has become industry standard to give 5 business days for the applicant to review the information and report any inaccuracies).


3)     After giving the applicant 5 business days to respond to the Pre-Adverse Action letter (and if no response is received from the applicant), the employer can then notify the applicant of the Adverse Action (not to hire, terminate or demote).  The Adverse Action should include the Consumer Reporting Agency (CRA) that prepared the report and state that the CRA did not make the decision.


4)     If, on the other hand, the applicant responds within those 5 business days and disputes specific information, then the CRA must re-verify the information at the source and should also submit any new paperwork or documents that applicant can provide as supporting documentation.  The CRA should then re-review the candidate’s response, along with any corrections and decide if they will continue with Adverse Action process.


5)     The FCRA requires that all personal and sensitive documentation should be disposed of.


Our software at GBS has the ability to send the Pre and Adverse Action notices with the simple click of a button.  If no response from the applicant – the software automatically sends the Adverse Action after5 business days.  The system automatically does a time and date stamp for each letter sent.  This makes the whole Adverse Action process run smoothly and efficiently.


Most lawsuits that background screening companies find themselves facing are when they do not follow these simple guidelines.  It will usually be from not disclosing to an applicant that a background check will be ordered, not getting their consent or not following the Adverse Action process.


The goal at Global Background Screening is of course to follow the law – but also to be fair, respectful and professional.

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