This package is the USA standard for employment. Meaning, you will see what employers would  see with this package! It utilizes your SSN to locate criminal records at the County, State, and Federal level. This is also a great time to see if the courts have any errors on your record that need to be fixed. (It happens more than you think). 


Pricing vary per state. 


This Personal Background Check search includes: 


  1. SSN Trace Report (confirms SSN and uncovers past addresses and alias)
  2. County Courthouse Search and Statewide Repository when recommended
  3. Sex Offender
  4. Nationwide Database search 
  5. Federal Criminal Records Search
  6. Terrorist Watchlist Search


Add Ons: 


Drug Screen (5-9 Panel Urine) - Once Electronic Consent is signed by applicant, they will be emailed the closest Drug Screening Lab around their current address and given 48 hours to go in and complete.

Turnaround Time: Average : 1 - 3 Business Days of when applicant completes electronic consent. 


Electronic Consent: Once we receive payment, follow the instructions to complete the E-Consent. It takes about 30 seconds to complete. 


** Puerto Rico Background Check is now available**



Applicant's Home State: ( Prices vary per State)
Service Add On:
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