Executive Background Check

The most thorough and compliant background check usually for C-Level or Executives.


This search includes: 


  • SSN Trace (confirms SSN and uncovers past addresses and alias)
  • County courthouse search or Statewide Repository 
  • Sex Offender
  • Federal Criminal Search
  • Nationwide Database search
  • Terrorist Watchlist Searches
  • Global Sanctions Search (Over 200 Global Databases)
  • Education Verification (1)
  • Employment Verification (1)
  • Bankrupcies, Liens and Judgments


Add Ons: 


Drug Screen (5-12 Panel Urine) - Once Electronic Consent is signed by applicant, they will be emailed the closest Drug Screening Lab around their current address and given 48 hours to go in and complete.


Credit History- Get insight into a potential hire, including signs of financial distress that might indicate risk of theft or fraud. They don’t get your credit score, but instead see a modified version of your credit report.


Turnaround Time: Average : 2 - 5 Business Days of when Applicant completes Electronic Consent. 


Electronic Consent: Once your payment is received you'll be given access to send the applicant the electronic consent securely through DocHub. You'll simply fill out applicant's Full Name and Email Address. Then sit back and relax...we take care of the rest!


Is this report FCRA Compliant? Yes of course! 


Adverse Action: Templates available upon request. Per FCRA, when denying applicant due to a consumer report you must initiate Adverse Action. If applicant is denied employment due to consumer report, let us know and we can provide electronic templates for you free of charge or fully handle it for an additional $5.


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Executive Background Check

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