National & Statewide Fingerprinting

We understand the struggles when it comes to utlizing a fingerprinting service. Our services include National FBI fingerprinting and mandated state police fingerprinting in the South East. 


Global Background Screening LLC is the #1 Alternative to Identogo.


Our benefits include: 


1. We come directly to your site if needed. More than 50 fingerprint screens? We'll order Pizza and Drinks for your team! 

2. Affordable Costs
3. Turnaround time for fingerprinting 3 - 5 business days

4. Live Scan Fingerprinting  - so NO rolling inks and delays due to discrepant ink fingerprints! 

4. Custom location setup 


Our Live Scan fingerprinting areas include: 



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National & Statewide Fingerprinting

The Purpose Of Fingerprints