Philippines Background Check


1. COUNTRY ID - This is an ID Validation tool. It is checked against a reference library that is used to compare/validate documents to verify if they come from official/legal sources ONLY. This includes governmental agencies, embassies and consulates. As IDs are updated/changed, so is the reference library.

This Validation Tool covers more than 200 countries. The Tool also assess the type of document and the information that should be on it (e.g. full name, gender, DOB, images, card number, chip, etc.); placement of the text and photographs; wording/spelling; issue/expiration dates (ensuring the validity period is appropriate for that document); document number (ensuring the numbering pattern is appropriate for that document); card dimensions (approximate); issuing authority; coloring/shading; images; background; seals; holograms; watermarks; MRZ code; demographic data (subject’s name, DOB, signature, etc.); and all other components of the document.

If there are any doubts as to a document’s validity, we will return a “decisional” result so clients can investigate further directly with the data subject.


Subjects must upload copy of Front/Back pages of the IDs.



The I.D. can be a local Identity Card or Passport validation in most cases. Must provide a picture of Passport.


Turnaround Time 4-5 business days.


CRIMINAL/CIVIL Courts Searched:

The Regional Trial Court is the Primary Search. This court hears the most serious offenses in the Philippines and is a nationwide search.

The Municipal Trial Court handles all minor cases and infractions. These courts are not checked.

Court records are open to the public, except those cases involving family disputes.

Court records are searched for the past 7 years.

Included in search:

Information may include outstanding warrants and criminal court cases with limited case details. Case details may be limited to court name, case number, and charge.

In some situations, case copies and/or further case details may be available at an additional cost.


Required Information for Search:

Signed Consent (We provide an E-Consent) , including:

  • First and Last Name
  • Current Address
  • Date of Birth
  • Location of End User
  • Reason for Request


Turnaround time in the Philippines:

3-5 days


Social Media Search
A search is done across open sources that include Google, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest for Subject "matches" using Subject's provided info that may include: First Name, Last Name, Email, Date of Birth and Photo ID.
Derogatory Indicators searched:
Potentially Unlawful Activity, Sexually Explicit Content, Potentially Violent Behavior, Racism and Demonstration of Intolerance. This report takes 3-5 business days.

Dark Web Search
This checks covers Social Media and Dark Web elements which report data breaches related to individual's passwords, personal details etc...that were hacked and are visible on the Dark Web. This report takes 4-5 business days.

Mandatory Documents to upload for BOTH social media and Dark web searches: Resume, Linkedin URL (now accepted), Date of birth, photograph of candidate.


Philippines Privacy Laws & Regulations:

The Data Privacy Act of 2012 went into effect on Sept 8 2012. This new data privacy law is the first of its kind for the Philippines and was enacted to protect personal data privacy. The National Privacy Commission was created to implement the law, investigate complaints and monitor compliance. The Data Privacy Act puts regulations on the processing of the personal info of Philippine residents and those currently residing in the Philippines. The Act further requires that personal info collected by organizations and individuals must be protected and fair practices must be established with regard to the notification, consent, access and correction of personal data. For further info on the Data Privacy Act of 2012 click here

Philippines Background Check

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