Social Media & Dark Web Search

The Best Social Media Background Check

A search is done across Open Sources that include Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest for Subject ‘matches’ using Subject's provided information that may include: First Name, Last Name, Email Address, Date of Birth and Photo ID.


Our Team of analysts will review search outcomes to identify any Derogatory Indicators as specified by the client.

Derogatory Indicators refer to the following areas:

Potentially Unlawful Activity, Sexually Explicit Content, Potentially Violent Behaviour, Racism and Demonstration of Intolerance.

If any derogatory indicators are identified, sources and supporting content will be displayed in the report.

A search on a candidate that results in no negative content will have a “No Pertinent Information” comment displayed in the Report.


Turn around time 2 business days


Dark Web Background Check 

What's the Dark Web?
The dark web is a part of the internet which requires a special browser known as a "Tor browser". It is NOT illegal, but is where most of the child sexual abuse content is housed, illegal drug trafficking and stolen identity/passwords. 


This checks covers Social Media + Dark Web elements which report data breaches related to individual's passwords, personal details etc that were hacked and are visible on Dark Web.  

Turn around time 2-4 business days

Mandatory Documents to upload for BOTH Social Media Check and Dark Web Search :

  • Resume or CV in DOCX, DOC, PDF, RTF or TXT File format. (Linkedin URL now accepted!)
  • Date of Birth
  • A photograph of Candidate 

Social Media & Dark Web Search