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Background Check On A Business

International Business Credit Report and much more!

For important Business Decisions

Whether you sign a contract with a new commercial tenant or business partner, create a purchase order with another supplier or ship that big customer order from another country, make sure you know who you're doing business with.

Business Handshake

Directorship Search

Directorship / Significant Shareholder Search - 

A directorship search involves a search on a candidate's directorships, both past and present.


This information is helpful to employers who wish to verify that an individual has previously been a director of a company and whether there were any associated incidents. These searches can also verify whether an individual is or was an officeholder or shareholder of a business.

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Business Credit Report

Ever wondered how to credit check a business? 


Global Background Screening makes it easy to search any business credit rating in the USA and in over 150 countries.

Depending in the country, this report lists the major factors that influenced a company’s risk classification.

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Business Bankruptcy Search

The Business Bankruptcy report is a detailed, in-depth report which provides all bankruptcies for the applicant's region in their country. 


Check on Principals and Business (Where Available) - Report may include date filed, case number, and name of court.

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