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Volunteer Background Checks

Introducing our Volunteer Background Checks, the ultimate tool designed to ensure the safety and integrity of your volunteer programs. With GBS, you can confidently recruit reliable and trustworthy volunteers, creating a secure and nurturing environment for the communities you serve.

Standard Volunteer Background Check package icon - Our standard volunteer background check option for churches, non-profits, and sports organizations



No Setup Fees & No Yearly Contracts

  • 7-year National Criminal Search

  • Identity Verification & Alias Search

  • Active Warrant Search

  • Sex Offender Registries

  • Office of Foreign Asset Control (OFAC) 

  • Current County or State of Residence Search

  • Add Additional Services if needed

  • 1-3 Days For Report

Complete package icon with 3 volunteers - Our premium volunteer background check solution, providing comprehensive screening for maximum safety.



No Setup Fees | No Yearly Contracts

  • 7-year National Criminal Search

  • Identity Verification & Alias Search

  • Active Warrant Search

  • Sex Offender Registries

  • Office of Foreign Asset Control (OFAC) 

  • 7-year County/State Search based off SSN

  • Add Additional Services if Needed

  • 1-3 Days for Report

Our International volunteer background check package with a globe icon, offering additional services for enhanced security worldwide



No Setup Fees | Order When You Need

  • View Pricing by Selecting a Country

  • View Turnaround Time by Selecting Country

  • Criminal Search

  • Office of Foreign Asset Control (OFAC)

  • General Services Admin Search (GSA)

  • 2-5 Days For Report


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Smiling group of diverse volunteers wearing non-profit organization t-shirts, promoting trust and safety.

Background Checks for


Non-Profits: Non-profit organizations often have limited resources, making it crucial to onboard reliable volunteers. GBS offers cost-effective background check solutions tailored to the unique requirements of non-profits, covering aspects such as criminal records, driving history, and employment verification. By providing accurate and comprehensive background information, GBS assists non-profits in maintaining a secure environment and protecting their reputation, enabling them to focus on their mission.

Youth sports coach high-fiving young athletes, showcasing the value of secure sports organization volunteer screening

Background Checks for

Youth Sports

Sports Organizations: GBS recognizes the importance of safety in sports organizations, from amateur and youth sports to professional levels. The company offers background checks designed specifically for sports organizations, encompassing a wide range of sports such as soccer, basketball, football, baseball, tennis, swimming, and more. GBS's screening process includes criminal history checks, sex offender registry scans, and thorough identity verification, ensuring that athletes, coaches, staff, and spectators are safe and protected within the sporting environment

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Church volunteer happy for ordering church background checks

Background Check for

Churches, Mosques, Temples and other Religious Organizations

Churches: Religious institutions require a high level of trust and integrity from their volunteers. GBS offers specialized background checks for churches that focus on areas like criminal history, sex offender registries, and identity verification. This thorough screening process helps safeguard congregations, particularly vulnerable populations like children and the elderly, ensuring that only responsible individuals are entrusted with volunteering responsibilities in a faith-based setting.

Volunteer Background Check Features

Package for All Types of Non-Profits and Organizations

  1. Comprehensive Screening: Our thorough background checks include identity verification, criminal history searches, sex offender registry scans, and driving records (optional), providing you with essential information to make informed decisions about potential volunteers.

  2. Efficient and User-Friendly: The SafeHands online platform allows you to initiate and manage background checks efficiently, with an intuitive interface and secure, cloud-based storage for easy access to results.

  3. Quick Turnaround: Our advanced technology and dedicated team work diligently to provide fast and accurate results, with most background checks completed within 48 hours.

  4. Compliance and Privacy: Our volunteer background check is compliant with federal and state regulations, ensuring data privacy and adhering to the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) guidelines.

  5. Affordable Pricing: We offer competitive, transparent pricing with no hidden fees, and customizable packages to suit the unique needs of your organization, regardless of size.

  6. Expert Support: Our knowledgeable and experienced customer support team is available to answer any questions or concerns, providing guidance and assistance throughout the background check process.

  7. Ongoing Updates: Stay informed with our continuous monitoring feature, which provides updates on your volunteers' background information, ensuring a secure environment for your organization and community.

  8. Technology Driven: Does your organization need custom links from your organization or a separate checkout page with your Logo? We do not charge for any technology fees and can typically create a dedicated page for your organization in 24 hours. 

Group of volunteers at a non-profit about to cheer for their hard work
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