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Volunteer Background Checks

Your volunteers are anxious to work! Let us make sure they're the right fit for your organization with a compliant and paper-less background check. View Pricing and Order below

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Whether you're a church, low-income housing organization, day care center or little league, we have the right solutions for your Executives, Volunteers and Admin. 

Background Check Church Volunteers

A volunteer background check through Global Background Screening is essential for those volunteers who work individually and those who are not affiliated to a particular non-profit organization.  


Volunteers are essential and are sometimes required in several working sectors like schools, hospitals, elder care facilities, community health centers, youth sports like little league, and rehabilitation centers to name a few.


You never know what the consequences of hiring volunteer services may be - which is why a volunteer background check becomes a necessity. 


There are several organizations that provide you the service of volunteer background checks. None match the in-depth and technology of GBS.


A volunteer background check will ensure the safety of your children, parents or other people in your vicinity.

Background Checks for Volunteers

Ensure your safety and the safety of your employees and your organization with a volunteer background check.

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Criminal Background Check for


Our self sign-up portals make it extremely easy for anyone in your Non-profit organization to screen instantly. Have bulk orders? Contact us today!

youth sports background check basketball and little league

Criminal Background Check for

Youth Sports

From Little League, Football, Soccer, Basketball, or even amateur sports, we conduct thorough background checks on coaches and anyone. Sign up today!

Church Minister

Criminal Background Check for


Whether you're a church, social advocacy groups, charitable groups, or any other groups that lend a helping hand, we have you covered! Sign up today!

Top Non-Profit Package Orders

Effortless and Reasonably Priced Criminal Records Checks for Non-Profit Groups

As apparent as it may seem, there are distinct groups that need to do background checks on their volunteers. Ensuring that volunteers have no significant criminal convictions is extremely important if your organization deals with vulnerable clients.


Some organizations nevertheless debate whether or not it's necessary to do background checks on volunteers. The easy answer is, if you're thinking you should, then you definitely need screening on your volunteers!


GBS conducts a background check on your volunteers, and let's you easily pick exactly the services needed for whatever situation you may have in your organization. Our simple checkout process let's you order 1 or 50 employees in just a few clicks!

Incorporate cutting-edge safety practices into your company's culture

Our volunteer background check might be a good starting point if you're looking for some tranquility about who's helping out at your organization. Our court researcher and screening analysts follow all Fair Credit Reporting Act laws and regulations.

With over 2,500 national court sources, including warrants and sex offender registries, and local/state court runners, our volunteer background check is the most in-dept check in the market. 


All groups, from sports franchises to educational to religious communities, depend on volunteer staffers. Still, it's not always easy to locate the proper individuals to fill open positions. Nonprofits and charities may have to operate with a smaller budget than for-profit businesses, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't skip on thorough background checks.


With the aid of GBS, our aces can streamline the employment process, reduce expenses, preserve compliance, and build a more unassailable community. We've simplified and reduced the cost of doing criminal history checks and looking forward to helping your organization stay safe. 


GBS's Background Check Volunteers is the gold standard for offering thorough background checks to the charity sector, giving organizations the knowledge and resources to ensure their volunteer programs are safe for everyone involved.

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