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Continuous Criminal & Healthcare Monitoring

Starts running as soon as you bring each worker on board.

24 hour monitoring of employee criminal arrests and bookings

the new Safety   Standard

Traditional Background Checks are one-time only. Ensure the safety of your employees and clients by ordering Conviction or Healthcare monitoring today for as low as $7 a month. 

Employee Monitoring of Convictions 

Before now, companies conducted periodical rechecks on applicants.


GBS criminal monitoring provides a true  monitoring solution of your workforce  that provides real-time arrest and booking data nationwide, built on our proprietary, real-time incarceration data network.

This is the the future of background screening and the ultimate post-hire risk reducer of our workforce in 2021 and beyond.

Benefits of Continuous Criminal Monitoring: 

  • Catch and red flag employees after hire. 

  • A single platform with alerts from our nationwide sources providing you the newest arrest information possible in our world today. 

  • Fully FCRA compliant team available to answer and implement this process to your current background screening platform.  

How To Order

1. For applicants in USA needing criminal conviction monitoring, go to Employee Background Check -USA

2. Scroll down and select the checkbox that states: "Alert me of any Convictions on my Applicant (1 Full Year)."


3. Checkout

4. Your applicant will be sent their authorization form via email and will be added to our continuous criminal monitoring program. 

reduct post hire risk by monitoring applicant's criminal history and background
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