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Easily Order Your Personal Background Check

Are you preparing for a job application, verifying your records, or just curious about running a background check on yourself?

GBS is where you can check your background

Choosing Your Personal Background Check Type

background check on self

Employer-Ready Background Check

Select "Employer Ready" at checkout for a report that is filtered according to federal law and regulations. This option ensures you receive a report that's ready to present to potential employers.

Our system lets you effortlessly order a background check on yourself in seconds. With an average report completion time of 1-3 days, gaining insights into your background has never been easier. Simply select whether you check is in the USA or internationallly above.

This is how you get a background check on myself for employment

Comprehensive Self-Screen

Choose "Provide me all info that shows up under me" to get a copy of your detailed report that includes all cases, regardless of dismissal, over the selected time frame.


No Setup Fees

Run an employer ready, criminal background check by only paying a one-time fee. No subscriptions!


Fast Turnaround Time

Reports on average take 1-3 business days and can be sent to you and/or to the requesting organization to confirm validatity of your background check report.  

Services Offered for a Personal Background Check

Employer-Ready Personal Background Check

A streamlined report designed to align with federal regulations, presenting a refined background check suitable for potential employers. This may also help you anticipate any questions or concerns employers may have on any past record history.

Comprehensive Self-Screen

A detailed report covering all findings, including dismissed cases, within the selected period. Ideal for those seeking a complete overview of their personal history. This may help you review for any possible errors at the court house or even identity theft.

Civil Judgments, Lawsuits, Liens, and Bankruptcies

Uncover any civil records including judgments, active lawsuits, liens, and bankruptcy filings that might impact your financial credibility and legal standing.

Federal Records

Search federal databases for any records that might exist in your name, providing insight into cases filed at the federal level, including crimes, bankruptcy proceedings, and more.

Social Media Search

Delve into your digital footprint across major platforms and locate flagged contact that may show up for employers on: Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin and Reddit.

5-Panel or 10-Panel Drug Test

Optional drug screenings to verify a clean health record. Crucial for positions requiring drug-free certification.

Terror Watch List Search

Ensure you're not listed on any global terror watch or sanction lists. Important for secure employment and international mobility.

Level 2 FBI Background Check

Provides a deep dive into your background from your 18th birthday onwards, for personal use and insight. Note: Results cannot be sent to agencies.

International Background Check

For those with international ties, this service verifies your background across 180 countries, ensuring a global perspective on your personal history.

Terror Watch List Search

Search federal databases for any records that might exist in your name, providing insight into cases filed at the federal level, including crimes, bankruptcy proceedings, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions on Personal Background Checks

What does an "Employer-Ready" background check include?

It includes a SSN Trace, address history, aliases in additional to a criminal national, state, and county search. This also includes all sex offender registries from all 50 states and US territories. This information will be filtered according to the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) and other state and federal regulations, suitable for presenting to potential employers. 

Can I find out about my education history through your service?

You can select "Verify Education" at checkout to verify your education. You can also go directly to the student clearing house and pay their $25 - 60 fee or by contacting your school's registrar.

What's the cost for personal background checks?

The cost is $42 for a standard 7-year national criminal background check. You can extend the search to 10 years for an additional $9.99. If you only require a federal search, the cost is $6. Additional service pricing for Drug Testing, Civil, liens, social media searches are listed at our personal self-screen checkout portal. 

Can I conduct a drug test on myself through your platform?

Yes, you can choose between a 5-panel or 10-panel drug test during checkout. Learn more about 

Is it possible to get an FBI fingerprint background check for myself?

Yes, you can order an FBI background check for personal use, which goes back to your 18th birthday (Sometimes called a Level 2 background check). However, note that this report cannot be sent directly to requesting agencies**

How can I order a background check on myself?

Select "USA" or "International" Self Screen above, select the services you require, and complete the checkout process. It's quick, easy, and secure, with no setup fees involved! Get Started now.

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