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Verify Employment Quickly & Accurately with Global Background Screening

Updated: Jan 17

In the current employment landscape, verifying an individual's employment history is crucial. Global Background Screening (GBS) provides a robust solution for confirming an applicant's employment history, ensuring your hiring decisions are based on verified facts.

Why Verify Employment?

Verifying employment is essential in today's job market. A study from StandOutCV shows that 1 in 6 people have used fake job reference services. In addition, their survey also showed that on average 55% of Americans lied about their personal details, skills or experience.

GBS’s Employment Verification Services and Pricing

GBS offers several options for employment verification services, tailored to meet different needs:

Price to verify employment in the USA:

  • Verify Last Employer ONLY: +$25.00

  • Verify 7 Years (up to 3 employers), additional employers at $25 each: +$45.00

  • Verify 10 Years (up to 5 Employers), additional employers at $25 each: +$90.00

  • You can order a USA background check on an employee, contractor or yourself.

Pricing to verify employment Internationally:

  • Verify Last Employer ONLY: +$35.00

  • Verify 7 Years (up to 3 employers): +$99.00, additional employers $35

  • You can order an International Background Check on an employee, contractor or yourself.

How does GBS verify employment?

GBS's approach to employment verification is comprehensive. We attempt to contact each past employer, supervisor, and professional organization up to 5 times over a span of 10 business days.

If verification is not obtained within this period, the employer is recorded as "Unable to Verify."

Any verifications received after this period are included in a post follow up report free of charge.

Why should you choose GBS for Employment and Education Verifications?

Global Background Screening stands apart from traditional screening companies by exhausting all possible verification avenues utilizing the power of our sophisticated applicant screening portal, before resorting to third-party clearinghouses... a route often associated with additional fees by the Work Number and Student Clearinghouse.

Our commitment is to extensive verification while keeping your costs in check.

Accuracy and Compliance

GBS adheres to the highest standards of accuracy and compliance, respecting privacy laws and regulations to ensure your company remains legally compliant.

Integration with Hiring Processes

Our online platform allows for seamless communication and access to verification results, making the process efficient for HR professionals.

Other Services Offered by Global Background Screening

In addition to employment verifications, GBS offers a comprehensive suite of background screening services on applicants inside the USA as well as international employees in over 150 different countries:

Trust But Verify - The New Era of Background Screening

Global Background Screening stands as a leader in employment verifications, helping companies make informed hiring decisions. By verifying employment history accurately and efficiently, GBS ensures that your team is built on a foundation of trust and reliability.