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Lien Search

Gain peace of mind with our affordable Nationwide Lien Search. Covering over 5,300 sources across all U.S. states, including tax, property, and IRS liens. Only $12.99, with results within 24 hours!

Designed for Employers, Landlords, and Individuals

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Extensive Lien Data Coverage

Our vast database includes information from all states, including California, Florida, Illinois, Alabama, Texas and Maryland, ensuring no stone is left unturned.

Our Nationwide Liens Search provides detailed access to more than 5300 data sources across every county, city, state, and federal system in the U.S., ensuring you receive the most comprehensive lien information available.


This search includes:

  • Property Tax Liens

  • IRS Tax Liens

  • Federal Tax Liens

  • State Tax Liens

  • County Tax Liens

  • City Tax Liens

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Affordable Price

Gain access to nationwide lien records, including bankruptcy searches and digitized civil judgments from the past seven years, all for just $12.99.

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Fast Results

Complete your search quickly and efficiently, with most results delivered in minutes.

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No Setup Fees

Start using the service without any initial fees, making it easier and more affordable to begin your liens search.

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Types Of Liens

Provide a general description of the items below and introduce the services you offer. Click on the text box to edit the content.

Property Tax Lien

This search identifies claims against properties due to unpaid local property taxes. It affects homeowners who have delinquent property tax bills.

IRS Tax Liens

This search reveals liens placed by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) for unpaid personal or business federal taxes.

Federal Tax Lien

Similar to IRS tax liens, this includes claims by any federal agency against properties or assets due to unpaid federal obligations.

State Tax Lien

This search uncovers liens placed by state governments for unpaid state taxes, which can include income, sales, or other state taxes.

County Tax Liens

This type focuses on liens issued by county authorities for unpaid county taxes or fees, impacting property within the specific county.

City Tax Liens

This search identifies liens imposed by city governments for unpaid city taxes or dues, affecting residents or property owners within the city.

Frequently Asked Questions on International Background Screening

What does a Nationwide Liens Search cover?

Our search includes county, city, state, and federal liens across the USA, covering property tax liens, IRS tax liens, and more.

Who can use this lien background check search?

This service is ideal for employers verifying potential hires, landlords screening tenants, or individuals conducting personal background checks.

How much does a lien search cost?

Each comprehensive liens search is available at a flat rate of $12.99, which includes bankruptcy and limited digitized judgments searches.

How long does it take to get the lien search results?

Most searches are completed within 24 hours of the applicant completing their electronic authorization form.

How do I handle multiple applicants or request additional checks and services?

Our platform is designed to effortlessly handle requests for multiple applicants or add-on services like criminal records check, social media checks or employment verifications. Whether during checkout or from within your client dashboard, you can easily tailor your screening package to meet your specific needs.


Adding Multiple Applicants in One Order: For multiple applicants requiring the same background checks, enter each applicant's first name, last name, and email address on a new line or separate them with a comma during the checkout process.


Then, adjust the "quantity" to reflect the total number of background checks you're ordering. If your applicants need different services, you can "add to cart" individual orders as needed—your cart will display at the top right of your screen for easy review and modification.


Should you encounter any difficulties, or if you prefer, you can email us a spreadsheet with your applicants' names, email addresses, and required services at


We also offer a bulk order form to streamline the process further, available upon request.

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