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Understanding the Importance of Employer Background Checks

Employer Background Checks play an instrumental role in today's competitive recruitment landscape. They provide a comprehensive understanding of a candidate's past, aiding employers in making informed hiring decisions. At Global Background Screening, we offer a wide selection of checks to choose from, ensuring a thorough evaluation of every applicant.

Unmatched Range of Services

Global Background Screening stands apart with its extensive offering of services. From verifying educational achievements and past employment to criminal records and credit history checks, each aspect contributes to an in-depth view of a prospective employee's fit for a role within your organization.
Why Choose Global Background Screening?

What sets us apart is not just the depth but also the breadth of services we provide. We offer the industry's most extensive range of screening services, guaranteeing access to all the information you need. Whether you need to confirm an applicant's professional qualifications or explore their criminal past, we have you covered.

Efficiency and User-Friendliness

Our services are comprehensive, efficient, and user-friendly. With our streamlined checkout process that takes just seconds, you can order the checks you need with minimal effort. We have eliminated setup fees, making our services affordable for businesses of all sizes. Despite our emphasis on speed and convenience, we never compromise on the accuracy or thoroughness of our checks. Typically, our background checks yield results within 1-3 days, reflecting our dedication to prompt and reliable service.

Mitigate Risks with Thorough Background Checks

Not conducting thorough background checks can expose your organization to significant risks, including theft, fraud, and damage to reputation. The cost of a bad hire can far exceed the cost of a background check. By partnering with Global Background Screening, you can minimize these risks, promoting a safe, secure, and productive workplace.

Background Checks for International Applicants

For employers who need background checks for applicants outside the USA, we offer a solution. Visit our International Employee Screening page here to get started.
Visit our International Employee Screening page to get started. 
1. What components are included in an employer background check from Global Background Screening?

Our employer background check provides you the option to add or omit all our different types of background check services. Select only what you need!
2. How quickly can I expect results from an employer background check with Global Background Screening?

At Global Background Screening, we typically complete employer background checks within 1-3 days, providing you with a quick and efficient solution.
3. Are there any setup fees for Global Background Screening's employer background checks?

   No, there are no setup fees for our employer background checks. Our process is designed to be both affordable and straightforward.
4. Why is it essential for employers to conduct background checks?

Conducting background checks helps employers make informed hiring decisions, mitigate potential risks, and maintain a safe and productive workplace. It's a vital step in ensuring the integrity of your workforce and protecting your company's reputation.

5. What if I need a background check for an applicant residing outside the USA?
If you need a background check for an applicant outside the USA, simply visit our International Employee Screening page

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