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Order Right To Work Checks WorldWide

Right To Work Checks are essential procedures used by employers to verify that potential and current employees are legally allowed to work in a specific country. These checks are crucial for compliance with immigration laws and to avoid penalties associated with employing ineligible workers.

How to Order Right to Work for employees internationally

Simplified Right To Work Ordering

GBS's International checkout portal is designed with user-friendliness in mind, enabling clients to easily navigate through the selection of services they require. Whether you're looking for Right To Work Checks in Nigeria, South Africa, Australia, or any other country where GBS operates, the process is straightforward. Here's how it works:

Selection of Services: Clients begin by selecting the specific background screening services they need, which can range from Right To Work Checks to Criminal Records Checks, Credit Reports, Employer Verifications, Education Verifications, Social Media Checks and more.

Country-Specific Customization: Given the global reach of GBS, the portal allows for customization based on the country of interest, ensuring that the service complies with local laws and regulations.

Easy Checkout: Once services are selected, clients proceed to checkout, where they can review their choices, make any necessary adjustments, and finalize their order—all within seconds.

Secure Payment: The checkout process is secure, with multiple payment options available to suit different preferences and requirements.

Comprehensive Background Check Services

GBS offers an extensive array of background screening services to meet the diverse needs of global employers. These services include but are not limited to:

  • Criminal Records Checks: Identifying any criminal history that may impact an individual's suitability for a particular role.

  • Civil Records Checks: Uncovering any civil litigation history that could be relevant to employment decisions.

  • Credit Reports: Providing insights into an individual's financial responsibility, which is especially relevant for positions involving financial duties.

  • Employer Verifications: Verifying an applicant's employment history to confirm their experience and job performance.

  • Education Verifications: Ensuring the authenticity of an applicant's educational qualifications.

  • Global Sanctions and Terrorist Watchlist Screening: Checking against global databases to identify any potential legal or security risks.

  • Social Media Screening: Analyzing an individual's online presence and behavior for potential red flags that could impact their suitability for a role.

Why Choose Global Background Screening?

Global Compliance: GBS ensures that all checks comply with local laws and regulations, mitigating legal risks for employers.

Streamlined Process: The checkout portal simplifies the selection and ordering of services, saving time and reducing the administrative burden on HR departments. Provide the applicant's Name and Email address...and we handle the retrieval of documents and authorization forms required for each search!

Upfront Pricing, Turnaround and ZERO setup fees: All pricing and report times for all our servcies easily available to view on our checkout portals. We believe in full transparency. Why? Because we know our competitive pricing, turnaround times, and customer service are unmatched. Start ordering Today!

Expertise and Support: GBS's team of experts offers support and guidance, helping clients navigate the complexities of international background checks.

Comprehensive Coverage: With services available in over 180 countries, including 40 countries available for Right To Work Checks , GBS provides a one-stop solution for global background screening needs.

Customizable Solutions: GBS's services can be tailored to meet the specific requirements of each client, ensuring relevance and efficiency in the screening process. This includes an API available for all ATS and HRIS systems, as well as your custom platforms.

The Global Scope of Right To Work Checks

Understanding the specific requirements for Right To Work Checks in different countries is vital for multinational corporations. This section explores the unique challenges and solutions for conducting these checks worldwide.

Right To Work Checks in Africa

Below are the countries, pricing and sources we utilize to conduct right to work checks for employers in Africa.

Right To Work Checks in Asia

This comprehensive section covers the diverse and complex requirements for Right To Work Checks in various Asian countries, from Australia's strict immigration compliance to China's Hukou system and beyond. Each country presents its own set of challenges and regulations, necessitating a detailed understanding for effective compliance.

Right To Work Checks in Europe

Europe's diverse legal landscape requires employers to navigate a myriad of regulations, from the Blue Card system in Germany to the Skilled Worker permits in the UK. This section provides a detailed overview of the requirements across European countries, ensuring employers can meet their legal obligations.

Right To Work Checks in the Middle East

Middle Eastern countries, including Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the UAE, have specific legal frameworks governing employment background checks of both nationals and expatriates. Understanding these regulations is crucial for businesses operating in the region.

Right To Work Checks in North America

Canada's compliance landscape involves verifying Social Insurance Numbers and adhering to federal and provincial employment laws, showcasing the importance of thorough checks.


Right To Work Checks are a fundamental aspect of global employment practices, ensuring legal compliance and the integrity of the workforce. By understanding and adhering to the specific requirements of each country, employers can navigate the complexities of global employment with confidence.


How do Right To Work Checks differ across countries?

Right To Work Checks vary significantly across countries due to differences in immigration laws, employment regulations, and documentation requirements. For instance, some countries may require employers to verify work permits or visas, while others might need additional checks against national identification systems or specific employment eligibility databases. The process is influenced by each country's approach to immigration, labor laws, and the mechanisms they have in place to prevent illegal employment.

What are the consequences of failing to conduct Right To Work Checks?

Failing to conduct Right To Work Checks can result in severe penalties for employers, including fines, legal sanctions, and reputational damage. The consequences vary by country but often involve financial penalties that can escalate with the number of unauthorized workers employed. Additionally, it may lead to restrictions on the ability to hire foreign workers in the future and, in some cases, criminal charges for employers knowingly employing illegal workers.


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