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Ordering Criminal Background Checks with Global Background Screening™

Updated: Jan 25

Ensuring the safety and reliability of employees or independent contractors is now more important than ever. Global Background Screening makes ordering criminal background checks easy and efficient through our on-demand, tech-first platform. This comprehensive guide will explain the differences between federal, national, state, and local background checks, discuss our extensive network of court runners in the USA and globally, and explore the criminal background check processes in five different countries.

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The Simple and Efficient Process of Ordering Criminal Background Checks

Global Background Screening's user-friendly platform simplifies the process of ordering criminal background checks for individuals in the USA or internationally. Our transparent pricing and customizable services cater to the specific needs of your business or organization.

What's the Process of a Background Check?

To order a criminal background check, simply select the desired services, provide the individual's email address, and we'll send your applicant a federally compliant authorization background check form. Most background checks are completed within 2-3 days for contractors in the USA. Most International background checks take around 2-6 business days. The turnaround time and pricing are listed when selecting the country on our International checkout page.

How Far Back Do Background Checks go?

Basically the standard is a 7-Year scope in the USA and we follow this rule globally in other countries (when possible), but older records can be reported if they're readily accessible and legally reportable in your state.

Understanding the Different Levels of Criminal Background Checks in the USA

To make an informed decision when ordering criminal background checks, it's essential to understand the differences between federal, national, state, and local background checks.

Federal Background Checks

Federal criminal background checks focus on crimes prosecuted at the federal level, such as tax evasion, bank robbery, or drug trafficking. These checks search for records in the federal court system.

National Background Checks

National criminal background checks provide a more comprehensive search by scanning multiple databases, including state and local court records, incarceration records, warrants, prison/inmate records, probation/parole/release info, sex offender registries, and various criminal databases. This check gives a broader overview of an individual's criminal history.

State Background Checks

State criminal background checks search for records within a specific state's court system. This includes crimes prosecuted at the state level, such as theft, assault, or driving under the influence. Not all states have a compliant and unified state check. Global Background screening will instead go directly to the county (Local-Level) courts in these situations.

Local Background Checks

Local criminal background checks focus on records from county or municipal courts within a specific geographical area. These checks cover crimes prosecuted at the local level, such as misdemeanors or minor offenses.

Learn more about the different types of courts in the United States.

Leveraging Our Massive Network of Court Runners

Global Background Screening maintains an extensive network of court runners in the USA and globally. Our court runners physically visit courthouses and access records directly, ensuring the accuracy and comprehensiveness of the information obtained. This dedicated team of professionals helps us provide you with the most up-to-date and reliable criminal background check results.

Criminal Background Check Processes Internationally

Understanding the criminal background check process in other countries can help businesses and organizations make informed decisions when working with international individuals. Below are simply a select few countries out of the 180+ we conduct screening in.

United Kingdom

order a background check in UK

UK Criminal Background Checks are conducted by the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS). Basic, Standard, and Enhanced DBS checks are available, depending on the level of information required. Bankruptcies, Credit Reports, Civil Searches and more are available. Order Now


shows the canadian flag and how to order a RCMP's criminal record check

Canada Criminal Background Checks are performed through the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP). These checks can include searches of national and local police databases. Credit Reports, Civil Searches and more are available Order Now


Picture of Australia showing how easy it is to order a criminal background check in Australia

Australia's criminal background checks are managed by the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission (ACIC) and are performed through the National Police Checking Service (NPCS). Checks can include searches of federal, state, and territory police records.

Order Now Note: Takes on average 2 Business days, however the NPCS may take up to 10 Business Days.


Ministry of Home Affairs in India background check process

India criminal background checks are typically conducted by verifying records from local police stations, as well as checking court records and databases. Background checks may include searches for civil and criminal litigation, as well as any pending legal cases. More information on India's background check process can be found on the Ministry of Home Affairs website.


brazilian flag

Brazil Criminal Background Checks are managed by the Federal Police and state-level police departments. These checks include searches of federal and state databases for criminal records. To learn more about Brazil's criminal background check process, visit the our Brazil Background Check page.