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Global Background Screening Announces Partnership With “GA Alcohol Delivery Certification”

Updated: Mar 10, 2022

With delivering alcohol now legal in Georgia many businesses are very interested in getting the required certification. Global Background Screening has stepped up to help through its new partnership with DDACERT

Atlanta, GA - Georgia has now legalized home alcohol deliveries. Obviously, this is great news for many GA businesses or potential businesses, since there is a clear nationwide trend in the popularity of alcohol delivery services rising in popularity where they are legal. In exciting news, local leader in background screening services Global Background Screening has announced a new partnership with GA Alcohol Delivery Certification (DDACERT) to help meet these needs. DDACERT provides everything needed to get approved to deliver alcohol in the state of Georgia. They are one of only a handful of state approved vendors to do this, as approved by the Department of Revenue.

“Like with most things the businesses who act quickly and are able to be certified and lead the way providing alcohol deliveries here in Georgia will likely benefit greatly,” commented Tracy Shatus, the CEO of Global Background Screening. “Fortunately, DDACERT is easy to work with, and with our new partnership we can even get clients a discount on the required background check.”

Among the requirements for Georgia businesses to become certified to deliver alcohol includes taking a special video training course and to order and pass a national background check with a motor vehicle report. A driver cannot legally start delivery services until they have the Deliver Driver Vehicle Card in their cars at all times. DDARCT offers the ability to be able to deliver alcohol immediately upon successful completion of the course and exam.

Global Background Screening is one of the most well-respected companies in the background screening industry. They offer background screening and drug testing services on an Amazon-like screening portal. The company prides itself in its devotion to quality customer support, along with using the latest technology to deliver faster and more accurate than traditional background check companies.

Interested in getting the state certified for alcohol delivery? Sign up on today!

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