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International Background Check

International Background Checks available in over 180 countries for Employees, Contractors, Tenant Screening and more

Local Expertise, Worldwide

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Start with Ease, No Setup Fees

Quickly launch your global screening without any upfront costs. Our platform allows you to select a country, see upfront pricing, and understand the average turnaround time, making international hiring planning straightforward and efficient.

Navigating local laws, restrictions, and cultural nuances in background checks can be daunting. GBS simplifies this with a global screening suite that includes checks in over 180 countries, managed through a single, user-friendly platform designed to promote compliance, including data privacy laws.

GDPR compliance

GDPR background screening compliance

Our eSignature solution adheres to the EU's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) standards. As an organization focused on security and compliance, Global Background Screening (GBS) prioritizes data handling and customer privacy protection. All customer documents are encrypted during transit and at rest using top-tier encryption methods. We are fully equipped to uphold the rights provided to customers under GDPR regulations.

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Integration and Efficiency for HR Managers

GBS's integration capabilities with ATS platforms and custom systems streamline the background check process, enhancing efficiency. Simply provide the applicant's name and email; we handle the rest, ensuring a simplified process that lets HR focus on core functions.

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Comprehensive Screening Services:

GBS enables you to get a holistic view of your candidate's history, covering crucial aspects like employment history, education credentials, criminal records, and more on a global scale. This depth of information ensures you make informed hiring decisions, building a reliable and competent international team.

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Designed for Local to Global Teams

We recognize the complexities of managing international teams, which often require multiple users with varying levels of access. Our dashboard accommodates this need by offering customizable user roles and permissions, ensuring that sensitive information is safeguarded and that team members have access to the tools they need.

International Background Check Services

👮International Criminal Search

Our International Criminal Search service excels in providing comprehensive checks across the globe. Whether you're looking for a detailed national criminal search through the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) in Canada, or needing insights from Brazil's Ministry of Justice, our service spans the breadth of your requirements. We pride ourselves on full transparency, showing you exactly where we go for information—every source is listed on our dashboard, leaving no questions about the origins of your data. Moreover, our turnaround time (TAT) is unparalleled in the industry; while others may take weeks, our average is just 2-8 days, thanks to our direct access to court runners. 

🌎 Global Watch List Records

Our WorldScan feature sets a new standard in worldwide international background screening, holding an extensive database of over 5,000 global sanctions and terror watch list searches. It stands as the largest and most robust search of its kind, unparalleled in the industry.  This expansive database includes everything from international criminal records to financial fraud indicators, making it an indispensable tool for companies looking to mitigate risk and ensure compliance on a global scale.

🕵️ International Civil Search 

Explore civil litigation histories across the globe to uncover any legal disputes or issues that might impact a candidate's suitability for employment. Important for risk management and due diligence.

🎓International Education Verification

Confirm academic credentials globally, from degrees earned to institutions attended, ensuring your candidates have the qualifications they claim. Perfect for roles requiring specific educational backgrounds.

💼 International Employment Verification

Verify global employment history, ensuring candidates meet your requirements. From last employer to a full 7 year history search are available.

👩🏼‍⚕️Professional Licenses 

Confirm the authenticity and status of professional licenses to ensure candidates meet specific job qualifications. Ideal for roles requiring verified certifications or professional standing.

🪪 International Identity Document Verification

Quickly authenticate and validate candidates' government-issued IDs to prevent fraud and ensure the integrity of your hiring process. Essential for confirming identity in any employment scenario.

🧑🏽‍💼Right To Work Check

Verify an applicant's legal right to work in your country, protecting your company from legal risks and ensuring compliance with employment laws. A must-have for maintaining a lawful workforce.

💳 International Credit Report

Gain insightful financial background information on candidates globally with our International Credit Report service. This option provides comprehensive credit history across borders, enabling informed hiring decisions. Available in over 60 countries.

🤳Social Media Search

Conduct comprehensive searches of candidates' social media profiles internationally to gain insights into behavior and character outside of the professional realm. Valuable for assessing cultural fit and personal integrity.

🗞️Adverse Media Search

Utilize over 8,000 sources worldwide to identify any negative media coverage that could impact a candidate's reputation or your company's. Integral for comprehensive risk assessment and maintaining corporate integrity.

Frequently Asked Questions on International Background Screening

How do new clients get started with international background check searches?

New clients can kickstart their worldwide background screening process by heading to our International Screening Checkout Portal. Here, you'll find detailed information on pricing and turnaround times for various services across over 180 countries. After selecting the services that meet your needs, you'll be guided through a straightforward checkout process.


Once your purchase is complete, you'll receive an onboarding email and there's a brief onboarding phase, including a 2-hour due diligence review. Shortly after, you'll receive credentials to access our client dashboard, allowing you to manage and monitor your searches seamlessly.

What is required from applicants during the international background check process? 

Applicants will receive an email from us at with instructions on providing the necessary details and consent for their background check. This may include submitting a government-issued ID.


Our technology streamlines this process to be as simple and respectful as possible, guiding applicants through submitting the required forms and information. While most countries and services allow for electronic signatures, a few may still require a physical signature, but rest assured, we handle these exceptions efficiently. As part of our commitment to transparency and compliance, you'll also receive copies of the authorization forms and IDs, where applicable.

How can I ensure the searches are accurate and comply with GDPR, FCRA and other regulations?

We adhere to global compliance standards, including the FCRA and GDPR, ensuring our searches are both legal and ethical. Accuracy is bolstered by our commitment to using direct sources and providing transparent data, as outlined on our security and privacy policy.

How much do international background checks cost?

The cost of an international background check can be quickly viewed by selecting the desired search from the dropdown menu on our international background checkout portal. This allows you to see transparent pricing for all our products easily.

How do I handle multiple applicants or request additional checks?

Our platform is designed to effortlessly handle requests for multiple applicants or add-on services like social media checks and employment verifications. Whether during checkout or from within your client dashboard, you can easily tailor your screening package to meet your specific needs.


Adding Multiple International Candidates in One Order: For multiple applicants requiring the same background checks, enter each applicant's first name, last name, and email address on a new line or separate them with a comma during the checkout process. Then, adjust the "quantity" to reflect the total number of background checks you're ordering. If your applicants need different services, you can "add to cart" individual orders as needed—your cart will display at the top right of your screen for easy review and modification.

Adding Multiple Countries on one applicant's order: You can order multiple international criminal orders now in one order by going directly to our mult-country order page


Should you encounter any difficulties, or if you prefer, you can email us a spreadsheet with your applicants' names, email addresses, and required services at


We also offer a bulk order form to streamline the process further, available upon request.

Screenshot of our global screening platform where you can order multiple international background check applicants on our ecommerce portal in seconds.
best international background check company is Global Background Screening

What differentiates Global Background Screening 's Services from First Advantage, Sterling, and HireRight?

Global Background Screening (GBS) distinguishes itself from competitors such as First Advantage, Sterling, and HireRight through a unique blend of advanced technology, exceptional customer service, and an old-school, personalized approach. Our clients aren't just numbers to us; they're partners and friends. This philosophy is evident in the way we handle every interaction:

  • Personal Touch: We believe in the power of personal connection. Unlike our competitors, who may struggle with customer service due to the implications of mass mergers, GBS prides itself on treating you like a friend. We pick up phone calls and respond to emails within 1-2 hours, ensuring that you always have the support you need, when you need it.

  • Live Chat & Direct Access: Our commitment to accessibility extends to live chat options and direct access to our court runners. This direct line not only speeds up the background check process but also ensures accuracy and efficiency, setting us apart in the industry.

  • Highly Rated Customer Satisfaction: Our approach has earned us extremely high reviews on Google, as referenced in a recent article: Best Background Check Services in 2023. These reviews reflect our dedication to service excellence and reliability, unlike our competitors whose customer service departments often receive criticism for being backed up due to the constant mergers, as seen through their online reviews.

  • Advanced Technology: GBS leverages newer, cutting-edge technology to streamline the background check process for employers and applicants. Our modern platform offers easy ordering, transparent pricing with no setup fees, and the ability to conduct checks globally in 180 countries, all of which contribute to a superior client experience.

In summary, Global Background Screening stands out not just for our speed and the breadth of our services but for our commitment to personalized, friendly service. 

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