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Can an Employer Not Hire You or Fire You Because of Your Social Media Posts?

social media background check - platforms that employers can fire you for posting

The line between personal and professional life blurs on social media platforms. It's a common question:

Can your social media presence impact your employment status?

The short answer is yes, but with several caveats and considerations.

Furthermore, according to LawInfo,

"Most employment in the United States is at-will. At-will employment means that an employer can fire employees for any lawful reason. That includes what you post on your personal social media account."

So yes, an employer can decide not to hire you based on your social media content, but there are considerations and limitations to this practice. Employers often review social media profiles to gauge a candidate's professionalism, character, and fit within the company culture.

However, they must navigate this process carefully to avoid discrimination and violations of privacy rights. Here are some examples and legal considerations:

Examples of Potentially Disqualifying Social Media Content:

Inappropriate or Offensive Content: Posts that contain racist, sexist, or other discriminatory remarks, excessively vulgar language, or offensive material can lead employers to question your professionalism and suitability for the workplace.

Illegal Activities

Sharing or boasting about engaging in illegal activities can raise serious concerns about your judgment and reliability.

Confidentiality Breaches

Posting sensitive or proprietary information from current or previous employers can indicate a lack of discretion and integrity.

Disparaging Remarks

Public criticisms or negative comments about your current or previous employers, colleagues, or clients can suggest a potential for workplace conflict or disloyalty.

Legal Considerations and FCRA Rules

Discrimination Laws: Employers must ensure that their hiring decisions based on social media do not discriminate against candidates based on age, race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, or other protected characteristics. Actions influenced by these factors can violate Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) laws.

Consent and Notification

Under the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), if an employer uses a third party to conduct a social media background check, they must obtain the candidate's written consent and provide pre-adverse action notifications if the information discovered will be used to make a negative employment decision. This includes providing the candidate with a copy of the report and an opportunity to dispute its accuracy.

Privacy Considerations

Employers should be cautious not to infringe on privacy rights or access information through deceptive means (e.g., using fake profiles or asking for passwords).

While employers can use social media content as part of their decision-making process, it's crucial they do so in a fair, non-discriminatory manner and comply with all relevant laws, including the FCRA when applicable. Employers are encouraged to focus on information directly relevant to the job and candidate's professional qualifications, and always consider the context and source of the social media content before making employment decisions.

How Global Background Screening Can Help

Global Background Screening offers a unique solution for navigating the complexities of social media in the hiring process.

Our Social Media Background Check allows individuals to proactively manage their digital footprint by:

  • Scanning for Sensitive Social Media Content: Identifying posts that could be viewed negatively by employers, such as bullying, explicit content, or violence.

social media background check report

  • Custom Social Media Keyword Searches: Enabling searches for specific terms that might be problematic, with direct links to flagged content.

Find your Followers and who your following on social media

  • Generating Insightful Reports: Providing a sentiment score, a Word Cloud of frequently used words, and a detailed report on all flagged content.

social media sentiment report

  • Translating Languages: Offering content translation from up to 30 languages into English for comprehensive understanding.

Global background screening's social media checker report.

This service not only empowers individuals to clean up their online presence but also supports employers in making informed hiring decisions based on relevant, compliant data.

Social Media Platforms We Scan For

Our comprehensive social media screening encompasses a wide range of platforms to ensure a thorough review of an individual's digital presence. Below is a list of the primary social media sites we monitor:

A deep dive into public posts, comments, and interactions to understand the individual's social behavior and public opinions.

An analysis of professional interactions, endorsements, and activity that may reflect on the individual's career and professional demeanor.

A review of tweets, retweets, and likes to gauge the individual's public statements, opinions, and engagements.

Examination of public photos, videos, and comments for insights into personal conduct and lifestyle choices.

Scanning of public videos and engagements for behavior that could reflect poorly on the individual or company.

This extensive coverage ensures that employers receive a comprehensive view of a candidate's online persona, allowing for informed hiring decisions based on a wide spectrum of social behavior. Our aim is to provide a balanced picture that respects privacy while safeguarding the employer's interests.


While social media can indeed influence hiring and employment decisions, it's essential for both employers and candidates to approach this aspect with care, respect, and adherence to legal standards. With tools like those provided by Global Background Screening, managing and understanding the impact of your online presence becomes easier, allowing for a more transparent and fair hiring process.

Discover What Your Social Media Says About You:

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Ensure Your Next Hire Aligns With Your Company Values:

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The information provided here is for guidance and is not legal advice. Laws and regulations change frequently, so always consult with a legal professional for specific advice.


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