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Social Media  Screening

how to order social media screening on your employees

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Social Media Search FAQ

What is a Social Media Background Check? 
A search is done across Open Sources that include Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest for Subject ‘matches’ using Subject's provided information that may include:

First Name, Last Name, Email Address, Date of Birth and Photo ID.

It's essentially the process of reviewing an applicant's social media pages to learn more about the person. 
What Do I Expect to Get? 
Our Team of analysts will review search outcomes to identify any Derogatory Indicators as specified by the client.

Derogatory Indicators refer to the following areas:

Potentially Unlawful Activity, Sexually Explicit Content, Potentially Violent Behavior, Racism and Demonstration of Intolerance. See FAQ below for full list. 

If any derogatory indicators are identified, sources and supporting content will be displayed in the report.

A search on a candidate that results in no negative content will have a “No Pertinent Information” comment displayed in the Report.
Search takes around 2 business days

Best Used For: Personal check on yourself or before hiring or renting to someone.
Is Social Media Screening legal? 

Yes, it's 100% legal, however you must follow strict guidelines if using for FCRA purposes like Employment or on a future Tenant. That's why it's extremely important to use a Consumer Reporting Agency like Global Background Screening when conducting this search. The main reason is because when you're conducting a social media background check, you will most likely view "protected class information". This information is protected by federal and state law.
What is Protected Class Information? 

Protected class information typically includes: race, color, religion, national origin, ancestry, sex, age, Sexual orientation, mental or physical disability, veteran status, genetic info, citizenship marital status and more. 

Do you hack or use other illegal or unethical ways of gaining social media information?

No, it's illegal and we only abide by all state and federal laws.

What is a Social Media Screening used for?
Employee Self Check, Pre-employment background check, college recruiting, workplace safety, government pre-screening/security clearances, and even post employment screening.
What are all the derogatory Indicators or risk factors that you take into account on a Social Media Background Check?
Hate Speech, Toxic Language, Political Speech, Narcotics, Insults and Bullying, Drug Related Images, Obscene Language, Violent images or videos, Self Harm, Explicit/Racy Images like explicit nudity, Threats of Violence. 

Can I Have You Search For Specific Keywords on a Social Media Background Check?

Yes! We can create custom searches on specific keywords you're looking for. Just add it in the comments at checkout, email us or give us a call after your order. 

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