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Order a Background Check in Georgia

Efficiency and accuracy in background checks are paramount for employers. Global Background Screening (GBS) stands out as the premier provider for quick and cost-effective background checks in Georgia.

Whether you're facing ongoing delays with your current provider or simply seeking a more reliable solution, GBS offers unparalleled service with direct access to court researchers and real-time data from police departments across Georgia.

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Why Choose GBS for Your Georgia Background Checks?

GBS ensures comprehensive screenings across all 159 Georgia counties with an average of 1-3 business days. Our direct connections with local courthouse researchers and law enforcement agencies allow us to provide thorough GA criminal background checks, active warrant searches, a full statewdie search, and more, ensuring you have all the information you need to make informed hiring decisions.

Fulton county superior courthouse background check

Top 10 Most Populated Counties in Georgia:

  • Fulton County: Home to Atlanta, it's the most populous county with approximately 1 million residents.

  • Gwinnett County: A hub of diversity and growth with around 936,250 residents.

  • Cobb County: Known for its vibrant communities, hosting about 760,141 people.

  • DeKalb County: Offers a mix of urban and suburban with 759,297 inhabitants.

  • Chatham County: Famous for Savannah, with a population of 289,430.

  • Clayton County: A key area in the Atlanta metropolitan region, home to 292,256 people.

  • Cherokee County: Rapidly growing, now with 258,773 residents.

  • Forsyth County: Known for its high quality of life, housing 244,252 individuals.

  • Henry County: An emerging area with a population of 234,561.

  • Hall County: Offers a blend of city and country living, with 204,441 residents.

A Spotlight on Rural Georgia:

In contrast, Echols County stands out as one of the most rural, with a population of just over 4,000, showcasing Georgia’s diverse geographic and demographic landscape. GBS remains the leader in rural Georgia background whether you're in Peach county or Cobb county, we can get your screenings completed quickly and accurately.

Comprehensive Services Offered by GBS:

  • Employment and Education Verifications

  • Credit History Checks

  • Drug Testing Services

  • Georgia Police Reports

  • Georgia Records Checks

  • Active Warrant Searches

  • Georgia Civil Records

  • GA Police Records (Only available internally to help our researchers locate court records or for applicants conducting a background check on themselves. **Police Records are not available for employers as they're typically not compliant with the Fair Credit Reporting Act)

Ensuring Compliance and Thoroughness:

GBS checks all state and superior courts in Georgia, offering detailed insights from Georgia , ensuring compliance with local laws and regulations.

For employers in Georgia seeking fast, reliable, and comprehensive background check services, Global Background Screening offers an unmatched solution.

With our efficient processes, direct access to local data sources, and a wide array of services, GBS is your go-to for all background check needs in the state.

Whether you’re in Atlanta or rural Echols County, trust GBS to provide timely and accurate screenings that support your hiring process.

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