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Terror Watch List with Global Sanctions Search 2023-2024

Updated: Apr 8

Terror watch list search

In an era of global threats, the security of borders stands paramount. A terror watch list and global sanctions search should be a must in all background checks.

A recent Fox News report has raised eyebrows with its revelation: the number of individuals on the terror watchlist attempting to cross the southern border has skyrocketed, surpassing the combined total of the last six fiscal years. By the close of fiscal year 2023, encounters surged to a record high of 172.

This is just at the USA addition, other countries are also experiencing similar statistics. This alarming data underscores the critical importance of advanced screening tools in the face of evolving challenges.

Introducing Global Background Screening (GBS) – the gold standard in background checks, enhancing security in today's dynamic world, and seamlessly connecting needs with solutions.

Why our Terror Watch List and Global Sanctions Search, WorldScan, is a Game-Changer

Our proprietary WorldScan feature isn’t just another tool; it’s one of the most robust global sanctions and terror watchlist search available from any background screening company or consumer reporting agency. Here's why:

🌐 Unmatched Watch List and Sanctions Coverage

With over 5,000 data sources spanning almost every country and continent, the WorldScan offers unmatched depth and coverage. From domestic coverage to Russia and Mexico, and from China to Afghanistan, our coverage is pronounced in the top 30 countries highlighted in the Global Terrorism Index and much more.

🔍 Comprehensive Data Points

Traditional background check companies typically provide access to 200-2000 terrorist watch list data sources. WorldScan leapfrogs this with 5,000k + coverage, which we believe is the the most robust search on the market today. Signup and receive credentials to our screening dashboard to view all 5000+ terrorist watch list and sanction sources.

What Type of Data is Found in the Terror Watch List and Global Sanctions Search?

  • Debarment Lists

  • Anti-Corruption Measures

  • Human Trafficking Sources

  • FBI Most-Wanted Lists (694 sources)

  • Regulatory actions

  • Banned and Disqualified persons and organizations

  • European Union

  • Interpool

  • Global Sanctions

  • Mal Practice

  • Civil Registry Resolutions

  • Financial Fraud

  • OFAC

  • OIG

  • Suspensions and Debarment Lists

  • Regulatory Actions & Enforcement Actions

  • Mortgage Enforcement Actions

  • Press Releases

  • Global Investigation Departments

  • Securities Commission

  • Human Rights

  • Disqualified Directors

  • Absconders Lists

  • and much more....

Whether it's financial fraud in Myanmar or banned persons in Syria, the WorldScan has it cataloged.

🛡️ Commitment to Transparency

At GBS, we believe in absolute transparency. After signing up, our clients can access a full list of data sources for nearly all our products. From civil, credit, to bankruptcy sources – we let you know exactly what we're looking into.

GBS's Other Comprehensive Offerings

While WorldScan is a star player, GBS’s suite of offerings covers a broad spectrum:

🌍 International Checks

From criminal and civil searches in over 180 countries to credit searches in over 100 nations, our platform caters to diverse needs. Learn more about our international background checks or order now!

Available for more than just employment purposes

While most companies only provide background checks for pre-employment, Global Background Screening provides you additional services.

🏆 Compliance and Transparency

GBS stands compliant with GDPR and numerous global privacy laws. Our commitment is to provide clear, upfront pricing, turnaround times, and sources. No hidden fees or surprises.

🖱️ User-Friendly Platform Background Check Platform

Ordering from GBS is a breeze. For international screening or USA employer/contractor searches, our intuitive interface guides users effortlessly.

💰 Cost-Efficiency and No Setup Fees!

GBS operates on a no-setup fee, no yearly fee principle. We also eliminate volume penalties, enabling users to order as per their need.

As the landscape of global hiring and vetting becomes more complex, tools like WorldScan ensure that organizations stay ahead, remain compliant, and make informed decisions. With GBS, rest assured you're partnering with a leader in the background screening space. Start your screening journey today!