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Background Check Employees, Tenants or Yourself

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Background Screening On Demand


Employee Background Check (USA ONLY) 

Choose Only What You Need 

  • SSN Trace

  • Criminal

  • Civil/Financials

  • Drug Testing

  • Financials

  • Social Media searches

  • Credit 

  • Past Employers

  • School Check

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Fingerprinting Services (USA)

Choose The Type Of Background Check Needed

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International Employee Background Check

Choose The Country & Services Needed 

  • Available in 200+ countries. 

  • ID Validation

  • Criminal

  • Civil/Financials

  • Credit

  • School Verification

  • Employment Verification

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Business Background Check 

Choose Only What You Need 

  • Available World-Wide 

  • Directorship on Principals

  • Business Credit Report

  • Bankruptcy

  • Politically Exposed Person

  • Money Laundering Search

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Tenant Screening For Landlords  (USA Only)

Choose Only What You Need 

  • Criminal

  • Credit Reports

  • Bankruptcy

  • Criminal

  • Eviction Data

  • Monetary Judgments

  • Property Damage Claims

  • Liens


Self-Screen Background Check 

Choose Only What You Need 

  • See What Employers See

  • See What Landlords See

  • Verify What's On Your Court Record

  • Criminal Searches

  • Social Media Searches


Screen Better, Faster and Cheaper

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Globally Compliant Features

Our Background check software ensures a simple and friendly user experience with easy to use screening tools

Bulk Ordering
Faster processing of multiple candidates at once during background check process.
Automated Adjudication
Set your hiring criteria and GBS will identify candidates that meet check requires and places them in further review. 
Adverse Action
Free Pre Adverse and Adverse Action templates when you're denying applicant employment
Employment Screening Portal
Whether you need the applicant to pay upfront or for you to initiate the e-consent, we got you covered!
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Background Check Services 

Statewide Criminal Searches

County Criminal Search

Social Media Search

Nationwide Criminal History

Over 400 Criminal Court Investigators

48 hour Average Turnaround Time

All Industry Criminal Court Searched

Post Hire Screening Services

Global Sanctions Search & Sex Offender Checks

Healthcare background verification, Debarment, Exclusion Lists and much more.

Partners with Lab Corp

Thousands of Drug Testing Labs

Urine and Alcohol Drug Testing Services

Credit Report Information

Drug Testing Turnaround 1 Day For Clear, 3 Day for Possibles

Education Verification

Reference Checks

Professional License Information

Full International Criminal History

Advanced Tenant Screening information

Employee Screening that's as easy as buying on Amazon

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Global Background Screening  helps thousands of companies with their hiring process, from small businesses, to international corporations in all 50 States and over 200 countries. Partner with a reputable background checking agency today!


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Frequently Asked Questions

Are you FCRA Compliant?

Yes! We are 100% FCRA compliant and have our management staff holds a combined 50+ years of background screening experience.

What If I Need To Deny Someone Employment Due to Your Consumer Report?

As we mentioned, we are 100% compliant with the FCRA and the EEOC guidelines. That being said, if you receive a report from us and need to deny a candidate employment, we provide you pre adverse and adverse action templates available to use. We will hold your hand on best industry practices regarding the length of time between the two if needed. We can also handle the whole process for you. Have no clue what we're talking about regarding Adverse Action? Give us a call or email info@getgbs.com.

How Do I Order an Online Background Check?

Finally, ordering a background check for employment, tenant screening or even on yourself is super EASY. 1. Select the type of background check you need.
2. Choose the State your applicant is from.
3. Pay with Credit Card or Paypal. You will then receive a confirmation email.
4. Within an hour, your applicant will receive an email with an Electronic Consent for a background check. Why does the purpose of a background check matter?

Because each purpose requires certain forms. For instance, if you select an employment or tenant screening service, we will fully abide by the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC).

Where is Global Background Screening Located?

We are based out of Johnson City, TN where some people call it the Tricities! We are background checking 24/7! Contact us at info@getgbs.com
USA - 423-500-4044. Toll-Free - 855-561-5890

How Long Do Background Checks Take?

  • Most USA background checks take around 24-48 hours
  • Most International Orders take around 2-10 Business days (depending on Country)