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International Background Check For Employment

At GBS, we provide international background checks in over 200 countries & territories 

International Background Check Cost

International Employee Background Check Costs and average turnaround time are ALL listed above on our checkout portal. Simply select the country and the pricing and estimated time will pop up. 






Central America 

South America

USA &Puerto Rico

Global Background Screening LLC is known for employing some of the most experienced and educated investigators in the world. That’s because after years of experience working both small and large businesses, our world-class investigators understand what it takes to get the results you need. With responsible research as one of the main pillars at our company, we consistently adhere to strict quality and privacy standards in order to ensure our work remains compliant, fast, and accurate.

About Our International Background Checks

As the global economy continues to grow, conducting international background checks is more important than ever. 

Global background screening conducts criminal background checks in over 200 countries and territories worldwide, offering most of our services on an international level. 

We get asked quite ofter if it's a good idea to conduct international background checks. The answer is a resounding YES!!! Think about all the applicants that have lived, worked and studied in other countries. It would be crucial in those scenarios to screen internationally.

When running a check internationally, it's important to note that most countries require specific documentation.

Just as we abide by the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) in the USA, International data protection laws, such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) regulates the transfer and processing of personal data in other countries into the United States. 

Global Background Screening also requires any company that runs an international background check to sign a data processing agreement (DPA). This is completed all electronically. 

The advantage you have when partnering with GBS as your international provider is that our researcher's understand each country's court system and police departments, how criminal records are created and maintained, what courts should be searched, the type of records that are available and a full understanding of the court documents. 

How much does an international background check cost?
Depending on the services ordered, costs will vary per country. Simply select the country, select the services, and check out! If you don't see the country or service you need, contact us at and we will create a custom package for you. 

Are there additional expenses or requirements associated with an international background check?

Each country has its own specific requirements in regards to verifying an applicant’s information. There are several countries that require fees or additional waivers to access information.
Global Background Screening will assist you through the entire process and provide your applicant with any required waivers. Additionally, we will always get your approval before ordering international background checks that require additional fees.

How long does it take to get an international background check?

International background information varies by country, and completion times are typically 8-10 business days.
What services are available in an international background check?

  • Employment Verification

  • International criminal background checks

  • Professional License Checks

  • Reference Checks

  • Education Verification

  • Identification Check

  • International Sanctions Searches

  • Civil Litigation

  • Driving Records

  • Financial Check

  • Directorship Verification

  • Bankruptcy Records

What information is needed to run an international background check?
The applicant will need to complete our international release form.  Depending on what country the background check is ordered in, there could be additional paperwork that needs to be submitted.
What are some of the challenges with conducting international background checks?

  • Limited access to information in certain areas.

  • Language barriers

  • Time zones (if communication with researchers is needed)

  • Differences in courts and criminal records systems

  • Paying court fees in a particular country’s currency

FCRA & International Background Checks For Candidates Living In The US
Employers using a Consumer Reporting Agency (CRA), like Global Background Screening LLC, to run background checks to assess US-based candidates during the hiring process have important responsibilities to comply with the federal Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), including following the adverse action process. Ban-the-box compliance, targeted screens, and individualized assessments apply only when taking adverse action due to any results from a consumer report.
When running International Background Checks, it’s important to know:

  • Each country requires specific documentation to search criminal records or verify credentials. We contact your applicant and take care of this all electronically! If you have your own consent form: send it to first to make sure it's compliant.

  • International Background Checks often take longer than USA checks, but won’t delay US-only results.

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