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Simple things that everyone should know about DOT Drug Testing

Updated: Aug 17, 2022

DOT is a drug test that is regulated by the government. In the year 1991, the act called the Omnibus Transportation Employee Testing Act was passed, which recognized the need for the test to guarantee the alcohol and drug-free transportation industry. As per the act, the agencies need to implement testing for safety-sensitive employees to keep up with the safety of the workers and the public. You can simply search for how to order a DOT test for employment and get an idea about the entire process. It is mostly done with an aim to show that the employees that are being hired are trusted and won't create any problems. Luckily, Global Background Screening makes it extremely easy to order a DOT drug test on a prospective employee.

Who has to take a DOT drug test?

Anyone who comes under the DOT regulations as a safety-sensitive employee needs to follow the process. A safety-sensitive employee can be considered a person who has got a job that can impact both the safety of the public and their own. Some of the major departments with safety-sensitive positions include.

• Federal aviation administration, including the people like aircraftmen, crew, etc.

• US coast guard, including crew member who is responsible for operating on a commercial vessel.

• Federal motor carrier safety administration, including the CDL holders who are responsible for operating the commercial motor vehicles, the vehicles that transport risky materials or carry 16 passengers or more are required to display the placard.

• Pipeline and hazardous material safety administration people

• Federal railroad administration, including the engine and train workers, or train dispatchers.

• Federal transit administration, including the controllers, vehicle operators, mechanics and armed security.

When planning on hiring employees who require a DOT drug test or physicals, you can easily order it on our checkout screens by selecting: how to order drug tests or schedule a drug test.

It's as easy as selecting the type of drug test you need. Pricing and the type of drugs searched are also listed for your convenience. You need to understand that drug tests are required in many countries. Irrespective of the place you are applying for a job, you will have to go for the test. You must understand that background checks in UK or USA are a vital part of the hiring process before one can receive the job. So you need to understand the process.

What happens if you fail?

In case you fail to clear the DOT-regulated drug test, the employee must immediately remove you from performing any safety-sensitive jobs. There can be other consequences, like losing the license or certificate based on the policy of the company and your agreement.

The most common test is performed using five panels which include cocaine, metabolites, opioids, phencyclidine, amphetamines, THC or marijuana metabolites. Remember, there are several drug tests that can be performed using the urine sample.


DOT drug test are a pre-screening tool for you to get the job. If you are wondering, are criminal background checks legal for employment? Then you need to know they are mandatory by the government in certain sectors to maintain the safety and security of all. So you must be well prepared for it.