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NobelPage Refund Policy

NobelPage has exclusively partnered with Global Background Screening to provide our members with access to specialized verification services, executed with paramount security and precision.

Refund Policy Exceptions for Employment and Education Verification Services:


Inability to Verify Due to External Factors: If Global Background Screening (GBS) is unable to verify employment or educational credentials due to external circumstances beyond our control, such as force majeure events (e.g., natural disasters, war, strikes), or sanctions imposed by governments or regulatory bodies, refunds may not be applicable. These situations typically fall outside the scope of GBS's influence.


Closure of Employers or Institutions: In cases where the employer or educational institution is closed or no longer in business, GBS cannot provide a refund. This scenario is beyond our control and prevents the completion of the verification process.


Exceptions Where GBS is At Fault: If the failure to perform verification is directly attributed to an error or oversight on the part of GBS, such as incorrect handling of verification requests or miscommunication with relevant institutions or employers, a case-by-case evaluation will be conducted.


Proportional Service Fee Deduction: If a refund is deemed appropriate, GBS may deduct a proportional service fee corresponding to the partial services rendered until the point where the verification process was deemed unsuccessful or halted.


Notification and Processing: Clients seeking a refund under these exceptions must notify GBS within a specified timeframe from the date of the service order. GBS will evaluate the circumstances and  communicate the decision to the client.


Documentation and Evidence: Clients may be required to provide evidence or documentation to support their refund request, particularly where GBS's responsibility is in question. GBS reserves the right to request additional information as part of the evaluation process.

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