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Employee Background Verification Agency - Based In Tennessee

Updated: Oct 27, 2020

Employment Screening criminal history in Tennessee

Global Background Screening LLC provides you a new background check platform for employers. We provide the most updated criminal record information available, utilizing hundreds of court researchers in almost 200 countries.

Based out of Tennessee (TN), we also help employees check their state records prior to employment and provide employers consumer reports that are fully FCRA compliant (Fair Credit Reporting Act) .

With over 20 years experience with criminal history reports, you can rest assured that all rules & regulations are met. We continuously maintain up to date records verified at the state or county level.

Why should You Conduct an Employment Screening?

When we open the hiring position before providing the job to the employee, we have to do a employee background screening to protect the interests of the organization to whom we are hiring. It includes criminal records, financial records, drug testing, etc. and ensures that the employee records fulfill the organization policy. You should make sure that the caliber of your employee should be at the highest level. Background screening is essential for reducing risk and increasing the safety of your workforce.

The background check's primary purpose is to ensure the safety of the place and maintain the standards.

Nashville employment screening information

Background Screenings in Tennessee

Due to many rural areas in Tennessee and prehistoric technology it's challenging for employers in Tennessee and around the United States to receive a timely report.

With years of experience and relationship building, Global Background Screening LLC has built life long relationships with court clerks in Tennessee and provides fast criminal history report.

Employers may ask... how about other tough states besides Tennessee (TN)? GBS has tackled numerous hard-to-search states.

Where most consumer reporting agencies generally take 4-5 business days to complete a background check in tough states, our court runners visit every court at least every other day. Record retrieval information in most states can even take up to 15 business days. GBS's technology has perfected the background check process and makes it possible to have an average turn around time for each consumer report of 3 business days, even in tough states like:

South Dakota, Tennessee, North Carolina, North Dakota , Alabama, Alaska, Virginia , Oregon, New Mexico, Wyoming, Missouri, Delaware, Oregon, Illinois, Utah, Massachusetts, South Carolina, and Utah.

Rules of Background Screening in Tennessee

There are some rules which are set by the state of Tennessee on background screening to protect both employers and employee interests.

  • Employers must receive a written disclosure.

  • Sealed criminal records cannot be considered in the employment decision.

  • State of Tennessee does not restrict private employers about how far back criminal records can go.

  • Employers are not allowed to force employees to log in to personal social media accounts.

  • Although an employer can terminate the employee for any reason if there is a contract, then terminate for a reason.

The FCRA are federal regulation that dictates how employers have to do a background check before employment. If you do not fulfill these rules, you have to undergo costly trials, so before doing any background screening, you should assure that it is according to these rules.

Although there is no rule on how far the criminal record goes. There is no limitation. There are proper rules that are issued on employment and provide equal opportunity to everyone.

So that's why employers hire companies to screen records of their employees due to these restrictions.

These companies have special access to records and have approval from the government, and they work according to the requirements of FCRA. We assure you that we work according to the government guidelines.

Where Can I Get My Background Check Done?

Global Background Screening LLC provides a new e-commerce platform for employers, tenants, and curious people. Simply click on "order now" on our website and order your background checks in minutes.

How Far Back Can A Background Check Go in Tennessee

In Tennessee, you're allowed to go back as far as the employer needs to go. There is no scope for conviction information.

How Much Does A Background Check Cost In Tennessee

A Tennessee background check depends on how far you need to go.

A typical Tennessee background check costs around $10. However, it all depends on the applicant's past. For instance, if applicant's social security history search shows them only being in 2 counties, it may be worth only searching those two counties by combining a national criminal database search.

If your applicant works with children or elderly, it's strongly recommended to conduct a Tennesee (TN) statewide search. A statewide search is around 25-30 dollars and checks the whole state of TN. If you're needing to go over 7 or 10 years, there is also a higher cost.

Background Checks dont have to be hard. We provide simple packages for typical background checks.

Packages: The Basic, Standard, and the Volunteer background checks.

If you're having to deny an applicant employment or housing from our reports, GBS remains fully compliant with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), and provide simple to use Adverse Action templates. You never have to worry state or federal regulations while making a hiring decision from our reports.



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