How To Do a Background Check On a Business and Principals

Businesses, just like individuals, have a legal background based on their activities and transactions over some time. These activities and transactions can establish the creditworthiness and history of any business, whether small or large. But, how do you get access to this information about a particular company?

Other than individuals, background checks can also be done on a business to establish critical information about its credit history and legal background -- with the business principals’ previous records also checked. A business background check requires the help of experienced professionals to deliver essential and meaningful information about a business.

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Global Background Screening LLC, alias GBS, conducts background checks on businesses and their respective owners/shareholders. GBS helps thousands of companies with their hiring process -- from international corporations to small businesses in 50 states and over 200 countries.

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This article breaks down the various services that are crucial to conducting a business background check.

1. Directorship

When looking for an individual for a top position in a business, it is essential to review their previous work records. Ideal for the company is finding out whether the person has previously been a director of any company or not.

Well, GBS’ directorship search involves screening a particular candidate’s past and present directorships. The information obtained after that will be significant, especially in verifying if the candidate in question has been in any leadership positions or any associated incidents before.

Moreover, the directorship search will also identify whether the individual has previously been or currently is a shareholder or officeholder of any business.

2. Business Credit Reports

Credit checking a business can be difficult. But with the help of the best experts in the industry, you can easily have the correct information you need within a short period.

Global Background Screening enables searching of any business credit rating in over 100 countries globally.

The business credit report will vary depending on the size of the business and its respective country. While the length of the information can range from 2 to 15 pages, it will generally contain the following:

● Legal status

● Financial information

● Principal credit references

● Shareholders

● International activity

● Credit opinion

● Banking information

● Line of business

Furthermore, you also get corporate information, related businesses, branch and subsidiary offices, ratios and industry comparisons, and payment history.

3. Global Bankruptcy Records

Identifying a business bankruptcy records is also essential in the background screening process -- just like verifying the shareholders’/Owners’ bankruptcy information.

With Global Background Screening, you get a business bankruptcy report that is detailed and in-depth. Besides, the report also provides all bankruptcies for the applicant’s region in their country.