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How to Pass a Background Check and Get That Job

Updated: Feb 8

how to pass a background check for employers

Navigating the intricate maze of modern hiring practices can be daunting, especially when it comes to understanding the crucial role of background checks. These evaluations have become a cornerstone of the recruitment process, often determining whether you land the job or are left in the dust. From getting a new job to securing a government-issued license (professional, contractor, or liquor license), a background check can be the gateway to your next career opportunity.

According to the Professional Background Screening Association, nearly 95% of employers conduct some form of background check. Given their prominence, the importance of understanding and preparing for a background check can't be overstated. This comprehensive guide will take you through a five-step journey to ensure you conquer the background check and secure your dream job.

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Step One: The Basics of Background Checks

Employers and third-party agencies like Global Background Screening, LLC, commonly conduct background checks to comply with the Fair Credit Reporting Act and ensure prospective employees or contractors do not have criminal records or histories of illegal activities. Background checks typically include:

  • Criminal history

  • Employment history

  • Education history

  • Credit history

  • Social media activity

  • Medical and mental health information

  • Biographical data

Knowing these elements can help you feel more prepared and confident about the background check process.

And remember, preparation is key to acing it.

Step Two: Understand the Depth of a Background Check

Background checks are thorough investigations into an individual's personal and professional history. Far from being a cursory glance at your past, these checks dig deep into multiple aspects of your life:

  • Criminal and driving records

  • Civil Judgments

  • Credit history

  • Educational qualifications

  • Social media activities and more

Employers run background checks to ensure they're not putting their company at risk by hiring someone with a problematic past. By understanding how these checks work, especially if you have a record, you can demystify the process and reduce any anxiety you may have.

Step Three: Familiarize Yourself with the Nuts and Bolts of Background Checks

Understanding the process is an important step towards successfully navigating a background check. You should be aware of:

  • What being flagged means

  • The duration of the process

  • The cost involved

  • What to expect from your employer once the process is complete

  • Disputing a flagged report through the adverse action process (Know your rights)

Being informed about these details can help you face the background check process more confidently and less anxiously.

Step Four: Execute Your Background Check with the Right Precautions

Different states and specific situations may require various types of background checks. For instance, to obtain a liquor, professional, or contractor license, you may need to request a state-specific background check. Always ensure you understand what kind of information is being sought in your background check and how far back the check will go.

If in doubt, always ask your potential employer - it's completely legal. Once you grasp the specifics, consider ordering a personal background check from a trusted provider like us.

Many employers even accept our reports within 30 days, making the process much smoother for you.

Step Five: Evaluate Your Credit and Banking History

Having a clean credit and banking history can significantly bolster your chances of passing a background check. Make sure your bills are paid on time, and you aren’t behind on any payments. This also applies to tenant screening where good credit can make a big difference, although employment credit check laws (Fair Credit Reporting Act) do restrict employers from viewing your FICO score.

Before starting the background check process, be aware of your financial standing. Check your accounts and ensure you have sufficient funds to cover any background check fee if required.

Step Six: Share Your Results with Potential Employers I have a record. What should I do?

Transparency is always a good policy, especially when it comes to employment background checks. Sharing your findings with potential employers not only demonstrates your honesty and proactiveness but also can build trust and facilitate the hiring process.

In general, most states and employers abide by the 7-year convictions rule so a misdemeanor record that is 2+ years old, may sometimes be best not disclosing (This is not legal advice, just suggestion); however, states like Georgia and Tennessee, currently do not have a strict 7-year rule. Whereas states like California and Hawaii do.

Disclosing your results (especially anything within 10 years) allows potential employers to know exactly what to expect, which helps them make informed decisions and save valuable time in the hiring process. Especially for small businesses with limited resources for lengthy interviews, this can be helpful. It also gives you control over the narrative, enabling you to provide context or explanation for any issues that may appear on the report.

Moreover, taking the initiative to share the results of your background check may position you as a responsible, transparent, and trustworthy candidate - qualities highly sought after in the professional world.

In Conclusion: Be Proactive and Prepared

Armed with this guide, you now know the ins and outs of how to pass a background check and get that job. It's about understanding what a background check includes, the depth of such an evaluation, and how to appropriately prepare for one. Remember that knowledge is power; knowing what to expect can help you alleviate fears and approach the process with confidence.

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