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Importance of an Employee Background Check and How To Do It Legally

Hiring a new employee for a high-level position is a very risky and difficult job to do. It can turn into a nightmare if the employer fails to investigate the background of the employee and the person is later tangled in serious illegal activities. To make hiring more proficient and to get a better idea about the new employee, the employers need to hire employee background check services to make the company secure. It also helps to evaluate the skills and needs to be carried out with the overall goal company culture.

Currently companies make employee background checks a part of their hiring protocol. Studies of 2018 state almost 95% of the companies are making background checking their top hiring priority. Conducting a background check provides the opportunity to verify the information provided by the job candidate. These reports (called consumer reports) promotes a safe and secure workplace and have been proven again and again to reduce the odds of a bad hire.

Are you curious about your own record before applying somewhere?

At GBS, you can easily order a personal background check for employment purposes. We will then provide you a report to give you a head's up on what employers are allowed to see on your record.

Here are some benefits of employee background checking

  1. A Background check helps to create a healthy environment in the office (or remotely) for employees. Not all job applicants are trustworthy, so a thorough personal background check will make the recruitment more efficient and help the employer to recruit a almost risk-free and trustworthy employee.

  2. A personal background check is a great investment if the employer works face-to-face with the customers. For example- if the employer runs brick and mortar, like a restaurant or a café, or a beauty or spa salon- the employer is legally responsible for anything that happen to his customers. With criminal background checks, employers can easily identify the bad records of any employee.

Without background screening, hiring anyone can ruin the company. Here are some more benefits!

  1. Employers are usually stressed out with the massive number of resumes received for an open position. Several applicants will apply for the same position. Adding education and employment verifications helps determine if the applicant is telling the truth. There are numerous diploma mills that provide fake info to employers and GBS checks them all.

  2. There are numerous other reasons to run a background check on an applicant’s background. For instance, if a company deals with money, confidential or personal information for the sake of extreme liability, you need to hire a professional employee background check service to save their company from a bad and untrustworthy employee. Even though it's completely up to you if you'd hire a recent felon, most companies would not if the crime relates to a possible high-risk situation.

  3. The background check can be well-thought-out as a preventive measure to safeguard the honesty of any organization and the safety of employees. People may not be suitable for certain positions due to some aspect of their past. Someone with an unlawful background may not be suitable for a security officer position. If a person had bad issues with substance abuse, they might not be appropriate for any hospital work. And these kinds of information can only be found with an employee check. Do you want to see if your current record is still available to the public, order a personal background check.

  4. One of the greatest significant features of the background check is that the evidence is assembled for job-related purposes. It is easy for a well-known company to go overload in a background check to err on the side of carefulness. Before a background check is initiated, understand the purpose. Information such as medical debarment, exclusion lists and credit history can definitely help in deciding whom to hire.

  5. Employment screening may be different depending on the applicant's roles; however, you must make sure you're going with a reputable and FCRA compliant company (If you're hiring in the USA). There are certain rules and regulations you must follow. A professional background check the consulting you need to make legal and complaint searches.

Employee background check services is one of the most important factors on the recruiting and preemployment process. It helps to identify the exact qualifications of the applicants.

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