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Should I check Federal criminal records on my applicants?

Updated: Dec 2, 2020

Law enforcement and prosecution both happen at the federal and state levels.

A federal crime is prosecuted under federal criminal law, as opposed to state and local laws where most crimes are prosecuted.

You will not find federal records in a County, Statewide or National criminal searches.

To receive a comprehensive report on an applicant’s entire criminal record, both state and federal records need to be conducted.

Some example of federal crimes are:

  • Interstate Crime

  • Organized Crime

  • Criminal Exploitation

  • Distribution of a Controlled Substance

  • Bank Fraud

  • Racketeering

  • Bank Robbery

  • Crimes Committed on Government Property

  • Embezzlement

Global Background Screening LLC (GBS) conducts a background check on all 94 Federal District Courts through the national PACER system, to find federal convictions or any pending federal cases.

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