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Why Criminal Background Checks For Employment Are Necessary

Criminal Background Checks are a crucial part of the hiring process. It allows the employer to know if the candidate has the necessary background education & professional experience to apply for the job. Moreover, the employer also verifies if the information provided by the candidate is right. In this, the employer checks various spheres such as education details, employment history, and a lot more. But what will happen if the candidate has lied about his educational background or professional experience? The employer can fire or terminate the candidate who lied about this information. Recent studies show, 38% of employees have lied about their past job experience. There are multiple reasons to carry out criminal background checks.

Value of Criminal Background Checks

Anytime an employer hires a new employee, the company takes a risk that the candidate may not be suitable or qualified for the job. Or even worse, he may prove to be detrimental to the company. The best insurance to make an advantageous hire is to conduct a comprehensive Criminal Background Check. By researching a candidate’s history thoroughly for a criminal record, the employer also improves the overall quality of the hiring process.

Additionally, the employer reduces losses from employee theft and minimizes the liability that may come with legal proceedings for negligent hiring. Courts rule that employers should use extreme care when hiring a candidate who may pose a threat to the public. Avoid hiring the wrong person can protect the business's reputation and also spare the expensive public relations efforts.

Why Do Employers Perform Criminal Background Checks?

Here are the top reasons for employers to perform Criminal Background Checks:

Improves the Quality of Hiring Process

Criminal Background Checks allow the employers to verify the information provided by the candidate. It also helps them to know if the candidate has any criminal record (of any type).

Law/Regulation Requirement

For some positions where the candidate will need to deal with the company's accounts and/or clients, it becomes necessary for the employer to follow the laws & Regulations of the country and conduct a Criminal Background Check for that candidate, which may include credit history, civil cases, and even bankruptcies.

Protecting Company’s Reputation

The company’s reputation comes at great risk if the candidate has any type of criminal background. This further may create a chance for the candidate to misbehave with his future employees.

What To Expect From A Criminal Background Check?

Assistance from an Expert Criminal Background Check Company will help you to save a lot of resources & time. But what does a Criminal Background Check include? A professional service provider for Criminal Background Checks will use a lot of tools such as criminal records checks, drug tests, social media checks, national fingerprinting background checks, and verification from previous employment or education. Even certifications and licenses may be verified, depending on your position. It further helps the employer to take responsible care in the hiring process.

By working with an expert Background Check Company, the employer reduces the possibility of a neglectful hiring process for the company.

Global Background Screening, LLC provides the world’s easiest background check service. With just a couple of clicks, you can order a compliant employment background check in the USA, as well as in over 200 countries and territories.

The Importance of Using a Reputable Background check company

Criminal Background Checks are an important part while hiring a candidate. It further allows the employer to acknowledge if the candidate has the necessary education & professional experience. Also, the employer can fire/eliminate the candidate who might have attested false information. However, per the Federal Fair Credit Reporting Act, employer must take adverse action when firing from a background check report. This is the number one reason why employers get sued. Global Background Screening provides you with all the templates needed to remain compliant with the FCRA.

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