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Are you tired of manually entering data for criminal background checks or exporting applicant information from one system to another?

We know that these practices can be time-consuming and tedious.

Global Background Screening LLC can help you streamline the process.

All of Your Background
in One Platform

Criminal Records

Employment Verification

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Background Verification Features

Statewide Criminal Searches

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Nationwide Criminal History

Over 400 Criminal Court Investigators

2-3 Day Turnaround time

All Industry Criminal Court Searched

Post Hire Screening Services

Global Sanctions Search & Sex Offender Checks

Healthcare background verification, Debarment, Exclusion Lists and much more.

Partners with Lab Corp

Thousands of Drug Testing Labs

Urine and Alcohol Drug Testing Services

Credit Report Information

Drug Testing Turnaround 1 Day For Clear, 3 Day for Possibles

Education Verification

Reference Checks

Professional License Information

Full International Criminal History

Advanced Tenant Screening information

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Global Background Screening LLC helps hundreds of companies with their hiring process, from small businesses, to international corporations in all 50 States and over 200 countries. Partner with a reputable background verification agency today!


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Frequently asked questions

Is Your Data Secure?

Yes, our site is as safe as it can possibily get. First off, we hold a valid SSL Certificate. (You can see this on the top left of the screen). Our data is secure in the USA through Regarding our e-commerce background screening solution, we utilize the two safest payment processors: Stripe & Paypal. You can read more on our security by clicking on the "We Are GBS" page.

Are you FCRA Compliant?

Yes! We are 100% FCRA compliant and have our management staff holds a combined 50+ years of specific background screening experience. We may be a background verfication agency in Johnson City, TN, but we have your back!

Is Your Company Insured?

Yes! We are insured over 1 Million Dollars in damages if this would ever occur. Has GBS ever been Sued? We have never received a lawsuit in all the years we've been in business.

What If I Need To Deny Someone Employment Due to Your Consumer Report?

As we mentioned, we are 100% compliant with the FCRA and the EEOC. That being said, if you receive a report from us and need to deny a candidate employment, we provide you pre adverse and adverse action templates available to use. We will hold your hand on best industry practices regarding the length of time between the two if needed. Have no clue what we're talking about regarding Adverse Action? Give us a call or email

How Fast Can I Receive My Report?

It All Depends! We have the fastest turnaround times in all the industry, but depends on a couple of factors. 1. Areas where you Applicant has lived (Rural Vs Populated)
2. The time of day we receive your request. We must go by the court hours. Our daily cutoff is 11AM EST. Any requests we received after this time will have to be held for the next business day, unless no court runners are needed.

3. A Global Pandemic and State Regulations (For instance, during Covid-19 pandemic NJ courts were closed for 1 month causing delays)

4. Depending on the Package you choose Average Turnaround Times per Packages:

1. Basic Criminal Background Check - Less than 1 hour (NOT FCRA COMPLIANT) 2. Standard Pre Employment Background Checks - 2-3 Business Days 3. Executive Pre Employment Screening - 3-4 Business Days
4. Background Check On Myself - 2-3 Business Days 5. Basic Tenant Check (No Credit Report) - 1-2 Hours 6. Premium Tenant Check (Credit Check Services) - 1-2 Business Days 7. Global Background Verification - 3-10 Business Days. Depends on the country. See more information such as pricing, countries, cities and more on the link. 8. Business Credit Reports - 1-2 Business Days 9. Commercial Tenant Credit Check - 1-2 Business Days

Has Covid 19 Affected Your Background Screening Program?

I think it’s pretty safe to say that the Coronavirus has affected many areas in our personal lives and in our business lives and the background screening industry is no exception. As our whole industry speed depends on the connections we've developed throughout the years with court clerks, judges, city and state officials. In addition, the pandemic has played a part in delays due to courthouses being closed. Here are some areas where our industry has been affected. Court Record Searches Multiple courthouses around the country have been closed while others are only operating with a skeleton crew and have cut the normal working hours. This makes our job difficult due to the fact that we need to send researchers into the courthouse to search records. Luckily, a lot of courthouses have made exceptions for this type of work to be done and we are either able to make an appointment to search records or we have been given online access. While we are grateful for the accommodations – it is not ideal. Work and Education Records Places of businesses that have been closed, as well as education institutions being closed has posed a real concern when verifying this information. Diploma mills are not only real, but it’s also big business! So our best piece of advice for employers is never take a copy of a diploma as proof of a degree. Even if you have to wait a little longer for the information – trust me it’s worth the wait to make sure your applicant is providing accurate and truthful information. Drug Tests / Drug Screening We have definitely seen a lull in drug testing over the past several months and this could be due to the fact that a particular lab may not be open for in-person visits or maybe the applicant doesn’t want to visit the lab for fear of being exposed to Covid-19. So some employers may be foregoing this test for the short term – unless they are in a DOT regulated industry, in which case you have no choice. Even the DOT recognizes there are currently issues with testing and they are encouraging employers to be creative – such as hiring a mobile lab company, etc. Expect Delays A lot of background screening companies are continuing on with the motto of “business as usual” and just explaining to clients to definitely expect delays. Other options would include asking the applicant to disclose any criminal history and be very clear that falsifying information would be grounds for termination. Of course you will need to abide by any and all state and local laws pertaining to the jurisdiction in question and make sure you are doing everything in compliance with the FCRA. Should You Take a Break from Screening? This is an option that I would not recommend. The whole reason that a company performs background screening is to protect their workers, their property and their customers. One thing is for sure – you can expect problems if you go that route. It would also be discriminatory to have performed background checks on previous applicants and not current ones. My advice would be to prioritize the background check and determine what types of information is crucial and do those checks regardless if there might be delays. The team at Global Background Screening has been providing FCRA Compliant background checks to businesses for a combined 50+ years. GBS is dedicated to making sure our clients receive the best customer service in the industry, along with not only the quickest turnaround-time, but ACCURACY. We are the best in the business at what we do.

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