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How Lanyards Can Promote Safety in the Office

There are many places and instances where it’s commonplace to see people wearing lanyards, such as at schools, corporate events, sporting events, or concerts. They’re especially abundant in workplaces, where they’re frequently considered part of the official office attire, and some companies even require their staff to wear their lanyards at all times. Many organizations even outfit their employees with official custom lanyards that are printed with the company’s particular identifying designs or marks.

Because lanyards are such a common sight in everyday life, people often tend to overlook the many subtle ways in which using them can make life easier. There are many helpful advantages to having people wear lanyards at your office or during your events. One of their best uses is for promoting greater safety in the work environment.

If you’re wondering how exactly a Lanyard can contribute to keeping people safe, read on.

This article will provide you with an in-depth look at five of the most significant ways lanyards help create a more secure workplace.

Identifying Different Groups of People

Lanyards are a go-to item organizations use to identify their staff members, security personnel, visitors, and other individuals. To this end, they’re most commonly used to hold ID cards or access passes, offering a convenient way for people to keep these important pieces of identification secure and visible on their person at all times.

Personalized printed lanyards are especially useful because they make the people wearing them identifiable at a glance. Members of different teams during an event, for instance, can be issued lanyards of different colors so that security staff can readily be distinguished from production staff and other team members. This way, onlookers will easily be able to identify which personnel to approach for assistance or questions. These conspicuous visual cues are especially helpful when dealing with large crowds or during high-stress situations.

Controlling Access to Restricted Areas

Besides differentiating groups of people, lanyards are also helpful when you need to restrict access to particular areas within your workplace. Some examples of such areas are offices where staff handle sensitive company information or hazardous locations that only trained personnel should enter, like power plants. This is another instance in which custom lanyards can be helpful, as having them made in different colors can help security personnel identify which employees are permitted in what particular parts of company grounds.

Furthermore, requiring all guests and staff members within a company’s premises or at a particular organization’s event to wear lanyards is a straightforward way to identify individuals who aren’t authorized to enter the area. It will thus be easier for your security staff to recognize and apprehend these people and protect your other staff members, guests, and business from possible malicious actors.

Encouraging Interpersonal Interaction

Wearing lanyards in the office can make facilitating smooth and comfortable between your employees and your clients. Attaching ID cards or nametags to employee lanyards, for example, makes it much easier for clients to address them by name in conversations. This in turn creates a sense of familiarity and interpersonal security that can contribute positively to the general working relationship between your company and its clientele.

The regular practice of wearing lanyards around the workplace can also help improve the way your employees relate to each other. Individual employees can often struggle to remember and connect with one another in large companies with many people on the staff. Since lanyards offer an easy and convenient way for a person to carry personal identification on them at all times, employees can introduce themselves to each other and learn each other’s names more easily.

When your employees feel safe and familiar with one another, they can work together more efficiently and comfortably. This familiarity will go a long way to minimizing awkward interactions, facilitating constructive collaboration and conflict resolution, and improving overall company productivity.

Promoting Company Unity

Large organizations will inevitably be composed of many individuals with vastly differing backgrounds, beliefs, and values systems. Branded items that everyone can wear such as company lanyards, however, can foster a sense of unity and camaraderie among these individuals and helps them feel like they belong at your organization. Symbolic gestures like wearing the same lanyard are good ways to remind employees that you value them and appreciate the work they do to advance your company’s goals.

Keeping Useful Items Close

Besides their identifying and symbolic value, lanyards also make useful tools. Many lanyards feature small metal rings or clips that allow the wearer to attach small objects like keys, USB flash drives, pens, and more. These allow the wearer to keep small, frequently used items close at hand, sparing them the inconvenience of having to dig through their bags or office drawers. This convenience that lanyards afford can prove especially helpful in emergency situations or scenarios that necessitate swift action.

They may seem like a humble, relatively unremarkable everyday item, but at the end of the day there are many productive reasons to hand lanyards out to your employees. Furthermore, because lanyards are so easy to customize, it will be no trouble at all to design and produce one that’s well-suited to your brand.

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