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How to Perform a Background Check on New Employees

Updated: Jan 25

An employee background check examines a candidate's criminal, social media, bankruptcies, civil litigation, credit history, and much more. These checks can also be called: social media checks, criminal background checks, background check for hiring, international employment verification, Level 2 background check in Florida.

It is done using a background check service and may contain a certificate verification, identity validation, and education and employment checks.

background check for employment

Actions to Take Before Doing Background Checks

Have a consistent policy

This should be available on the cloud or database, so everyone understands which steps to complete and at which point. Random background verification check processes can cause legal issues from the EEOC if you only apply some steps to candidates, such as only doing credit checks on candidates from specific backgrounds.

Get legal advice

Background checks can unearth diplomatic information; in some states, you cannot gather specific information as part of a background check. For example, in California, you generally need specific reasons besides employment to request a credit report on an applicant. Talk to a lawyer to make sure your background check does not generate legal problems for your company.

Allow candidates to clear up mistakes and misunderstandings

Reports from background checks can be incorrect. Allowing candidates to review information can help you save a great candidate that could have been excluded incorrectly. This is why employers and landlords in the USA must follow proper Adverse Action Procedures.

What does an essential background check include?

Social Security Verification

Ensures the candidate's social security number are legitimate and finds all names, including aliases and variations, dates of birth, and address history associated with the social security number. This guides employers and background check companies if the candidate has lived in unknown locations or under other aliases, which may show criminal records that wouldn't have been found otherwise.

Criminal Records

The CRA may explore the county, state, and federal courts for criminal records. The employer's requirements and the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) or state or local laws specify how far back in history they can go. For example, the FCRA and some states prohibit reporting convictions that happened more than seven years ago unless particular exceptions are met.

Employment Verification

With your permission, your future employer can request that we contact your past employers to confirm that you were employed there. The CRA will get your ex-employers to verify the dates and positions, and references may also be contacted.

Address history check

Traces known addresses for the candidate through numerous credit bureaus, universities, bookings, warrants, and much more. Knowing where a candidate has lived will make it more comfortable to verify other research. It may show jurisdictions where illegal background checks should be performed.

Social Media Background Check

Flags posts, shares, likes, vides and images on numerous platforms. Global Background Screening LLC searches Facebook, Twitter, LInkedin, Instagram, TikTok, and Reddit. This provides the employer a screenshot of any violent, racist, sexist, bullying or other indications that would place your brand in jeopardy. Worried about what will show up on your social media check? Use a social media checker on yourself.

what do employers see on your background check


Background checks are regulated by the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), but you should understand that many other laws affect them, depending on state and specific jurisdiction. . Checks should be applied to all workers consistently and lawfully through a background screening company with great reputation and fully insured.

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