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ORI Numbers in Florida For Level II Background Check

Updated: Feb 13

When ordering a Level II background check in FL you must have an ORI number. Once the fingerprinting professional completes your background check, they send it over to the Florida Agency associated with the ORI number.

What is the ORI number?

The ORI number stands for "Originating Agency Identification" and it's typically a 9 digit identifier that is associated with the specific agency. You need to know your ORI number to schedule any Level II background check for the FDLE.

How Do I Find My ORI number?

As the applicant, the employer should provide you the ORI number. If you're an employer and don't know the ORI number, you will have to contact one of the agencies below to confirm which one you need.

Do you Already know the ORI number? Great - Schedule Level II Live Scan Today

Most Common FDLE ORI Numbers (Florida)