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85% Of Job Applicants Lie on their Resumes!

In order to protect your company from various potential risks, conducting a background screening service is imperative . A background check is considered the pre-employment screening footstep before making a serious hiring decision. Most of the time companies are completely truthful about their resumes and social proof. A study from HireRight shows that 85% of job applicants lie on resumes!

Why Do Applicants Lie on their Resume?

First off, why wouldn't they lie? With the emergence of applicant tracking systems (ATS), most applicants aren't even seen by hiring managers simply because of the filtering methods from the ATS software. This has created a generation that requires to adapt or never get seen by employers.

Study On Why and How Applicants Lie on Resume

After GBS conducted a 200-person study, we gained valuable insight on how applicants are trying to creatively beat the system. Our favorite being, highlighting all the employer's keywords in white so the hiring manager wouldn't see, but the applicant tracking system would.

To make sure that you are hiring a genuine and trustworthy employee, it's never been as important to include employment and education verification information on your screening program.

Have you Ever Used A Background checking service?

A background checking service provides employers with compliant reports that an employer can use to make a legal hiring decision. These reports can include: commercial records, financial records, driving records, eviction records, social media records, and most importantly their criminal records.

There are numerous background check services that can retrieve reports for you; however, it's important to go with one showing great reviews, don't outsource their data, are insured and provide top customer support.

Why is customer support so important with a background screening service?

Let's say you run a report on someone and the background check comes back with data that would have you deny the applicant for employment. The applicant has numerous rights under the FCRA act, one being that the employer must send a pre adverse action letter to make sure the applicant would like to dispute the report. After a reasonable amount of time, depending on the applicant's response (or lack there of), you must figure out if you need to send the final adverse action letter or open the FCRA dispute. Here at GBS, we hold your hand and provide all the information needed.

If you want to make sure to save yourself from a bad hire that not only costs your company thousands of dollars, but also wastes in-house onboarding time, then conduct an employment background verification online or simply give us a call at 423-500-4044.