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Do You Need Permission to Run a Background Check?

Updated: Jan 25

When it comes to conducting background checks, one critical question often arises:

Do you need permission to run a background check?

The answer is Yes: For employment, housing, insurance, nanny, volunteering and any other purpose listed under the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

The answer is No: If you're looking yourself up, searching neighbors, friends or any other type of curiousity type of search.

This article aims to introduce you to the effortless compliance and convenience of ordering your background checks through the Global Background Screening platform.

Legal Requirements for Background Checks

Background checks are a standard part of many employment and housing processes. However, they are governed by strict legal requirements.

In the United States, the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) mandates explicit permission from individuals before conducting a background check. Similarly, in Europe, the GDPR sets stringent guidelines for personal data handling, including obtaining clear consent.

These regulations are echoed in various forms worldwide, underscoring a universal rule: obtaining explicit consent is not just ethical but a legal necessity.

Purpose-Specific Background Checks

The necessity of background checks transcends various domains – from employment to housing and beyond. Each area comes with its unique set of regulations and consent requirements.

For instance, employment background checks might focus more on criminal history and past employment, whereas housing checks might emphasize credit history and eviction data. Understanding these nuances is key to maintaining legal compliance.

Simplifying Compliance with Global Background Screening

Global Background Screening's platform streamlines the process of legally compliant background checks.

With just a few clicks, you can select the required services, specify the purpose (be it employment, housing, or others), and input your applicant's details.

The platform then handles the rest, providing appropriate, legally compliant electronic authorization forms tailored to the service and country.

Applicant-Friendly Process

Our platform ensures a smooth experience for both the requester and the applicant. Once you input the applicant’s name and email address at one of our checkout portals, they receive an authorization form compliant with the FCRA or respective global laws.

To ensure promptness, applicants receive daily reminders until the form is completed, facilitating a faster and more efficient screening process.

Our Background Checker Screening Portals below provides you pricing, time each service takes, and lets you checkout in seconds:

Checkout Today:

easiy to order on global background screening online background checks

Screening Dashboard For Your Applicants

The GBS screening dashboard is a testament to efficiency and ease of use.

the background check platform

Here, you can view all pending authorization invites, alongside the status of ongoing and completed checks. This centralized management system also allows access to all submitted documents, making the tracking process transparent and straightforward.

For employers and individuals in need of conducting background checks, our platform not only offers legal compliance but also instills trust through its ease of use and efficiency.

By choosing Global Background Screening, you're opting for a hassle-free, compliant, and reliable process.

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