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How to Order a Background Check in South Africa with Global Background Screening

Updated: Jan 25

buildings where you can order employment background check in south africa

Background checks are essential for employees, contractors, and vendors in South Africa. Ensuring that individuals have a clean record and meet the necessary qualifications is vital for maintaining a safe and secure work environment. Global Background Screening offers a tech-first, on-demand platform to make the process of ordering background checks in South Africa as simple and efficient as possible.

South Africa Background Check Pricing & Checkout

This article will provide an overview of South Africa's background check process and guide you on how to order a background check with Global Background Screening.

Common Types of Background Checks in South Africa

When conducting a background check in South Africa, several types of checks may be performed to gather a comprehensive understanding of an individual's background. These checks include:

  1. Employment History and References

  2. Education and Qualification Verifications

Each of these checks provides valuable information about an individual's history, qualifications, and suitability for a specific role.

South Africa Criminal Record Checks

Criminal record checks involve a comprehensive national criminal record search conducted through multiple databases, including the South African Police Services Name and ID Check Division. The information returned will include all reportable criminal record convictions. Adverse Media Checks are also conducted through available global and local media sources, regulatory, and sanction sources to identify any risk-related information regarding a candidate. The estimated turnaround time for this check is 4-5 days.

South Africa Civil Records Check

Civil records checks involve a search conducted through the Civil High Court, covering all cases granted for an individual. This search can only be conducted on individuals that possess a South Africa National ID #. The estimated turnaround time for this check is 6 days.

South Africa Credit Report

A credit report is a search conducted through Compuscan for any financial irregularities. The information returned will include personal details, adverse information, address history, phone, and employment information.

If an individual has no credit activity, the report will be returned with "No Record Found." This search is indexed by name and South Africa ID number.

South Africa ID Check

An ID check is a search conducted through South African Police Services to verify an individual's South African ID Number.

Right to Work Verification Check

The Right to Work Verification Check is essential to confirm that an applicant has the legal right to work in South Africa. This check involves verifying the candidate's National ID number or other valid identification, such as a passport or foreign driver's license. For foreigners, a valid asylum temporary permit and refugee papers with a number are also acceptable. By conducting this verification, employers can ensure they are adhering to South African labor laws and avoiding potential legal issues related to employing unauthorized individuals.

Required Information for Background Checks in South Africa

For citizens, the National ID number is required when conducting a background check.

If the applicant is a foreigner, a copy of their passport or foreign driver's license will be required. A valid asylum temporary permit and refugee papers with a number will be accepted as ID if the candidate doesn't possess a South African ID or passport.

Compliance with South African Laws and Regulations (Data Protection and Compliance)

To conduct a background check in South Africa, it is essential to comply with the country's laws and regulations.

The most critical laws governing background checks are the Protection of Personal Information Act (POPI) and the National Credit Act (NCA). Compliance with these laws ensures that an individual's privacy is protected and that their personal information is handled securely and ethically.

According to DLA Piper, a global leader in data protection laws worldwide, the right to privacy is recognized and protected as a fundamental human right in the Bill of Rights of the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa.

As such, it is essential to ensure that any background checks conducted in the country adhere to the necessary data protection and compliance regulations.

The Protection of Personal Information Act (POPI)

The Protection of Personal Information Act ("POPI"), signed into law on 19 November 2013, introduces an overarching regulatory framework for the processing of personal information in South Africa. POPI aims to promote the protection of personal information processed by public and private bodies and establish minimum requirements for the processing of personal information.

The Act also provides for the establishment of an Information Regulator ("Information Regulator"), a body tasked with monitoring compliance with, and enforcement of, the provisions of POPI.

As of January 24, 2018, only certain sections of POPI (including the definitions section and the provisions dealing with the establishment of the office of the Information Regulator) have come into effect. The remaining sections will come into effect upon proclamation of commencement by the President of the Republic of South Africa.

The Information Regulator has indicated that it hopes to be fully operational by the end of 2018, after which the process to bring the remaining sections of POPI into effect will begin

The Global Background Screening Advantage

Global Background Screening offers a seamless, tech-first, and on-demand solution for conducting background checks in South Africa. By leveraging advanced technology and a vast network of researchers and partners, the company ensures a quick turnaround time for background checks without compromising on quality or compliance.

How to Order a Background Check in South Africa with Global Background Screening

  1. Go to the Global Background Screening website and select the appropriate background check service for your needs. In this case it would be : The International Background Check page: View Pricing and Checkout

  2. Provide the required information, such as the applicant's full name, email address, the purpose of search (employment, contractor, volunteer, nanny etc...). Finally, add the name of your organization.

  3. Global Background Screening will handle the rest of the process, from gathering the necessary documents to conducting the various checks and ensuring compliance with South African laws and regulations.

  4. Receive the results of the background check in a timely manner, allowing you to make informed decisions regarding employment, contracting, or vendor relationships.

Global Background Screening: A Tech-First, On-Demand Solution

In today's global business environment, conducting thorough background checks is more critical than ever.

With Global Background Screening, you can trust that you are getting a fast, efficient, and comprehensive background check service that adheres to all applicable laws and regulations in South Africa or 180+ countries.

Experience the ease and convenience of a tech-first, on-demand platform, and take the hassle out of the background check process by choosing Global Background Screening for all your screening needs.

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