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Order Background Checks For Church Volunteers

Updated: Jan 25

Taking the first step to requesting background checks for church volunteers can be daunting, but it's important that you do so. It's not just about liability – although that is an important factor. The value that your volunteers bring to your church far outweighs the costs of requesting a background check for them. Read more below on why background checks are important for church staff and volunteers or simply click below and start ordering today

Why do I need a background check on church volunteers and staff?

Background checks are a vital part of your church’s safety and security, as well as its reputation. A background check helps protect the church from liability by hiring only safe, trustworthy individuals. The following is a list of common reasons why you will want to conduct background checks on your volunteers and staff:

  • To protect parishioners

  • To protect the reputation of your church

  • To ensure that no one working at your church has any past convictions that could negatively impact their ability to perform their duties or create potential liability for you and your congregation members in the future

In some states, it may also be required by law for all staff members who were hired after January 1st 2018 (and all volunteers) to undergo a criminal background check before they can begin working at an organization or facility such as yours!

Steps to ordering a volunteer background check for your church