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Updated: Oct 10, 2022

background check services and solutions that checks international

Team diversity has become one of the main topics of the HR industry, reflecting on all its benefits, such as increased productivity and performance. Hiring international employees is one of the best ways to boost diversity and inclusion, which also provides the company with a unique perspective.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, foreign-born employees make 17.4 percent of the labor force in the U.S. – That is an advantage for multiculturalism, but are there other critical factors worthy of attention?

Top 3 reasons to run a background check on international employees.

With a considerable number of employees being foreign and the domestic ones who have a history of working abroad, it’s absolutely recommended to screen those employees to ensure a quality hire.


Background screening allows you to detect potentially harmful behavior among the candidates that could jeopardize your employees and organizational culture. Therefore, recruiters have the responsibility of using all available tools to protect their team members, along with finding the most compatible talent.

An international background check will verify the accuracy of each candidate’s resume, references, and education - plus reveal any criminal records that could damage your company’s reputation and put the employees at risk. Checking civil records could give insight on your applicant’s credit reports (for financial positions – if the country allows) and also to verify if there are or have been any legal issues.

Social Media Screening, as part of the background check, has been gaining popularity over recent years and by entering in specific search criteria – this search will reveal potentially sensitive language, hate speech, bias and drug/alcohol abuse.


76% of recruiters say that attracting quality talents is among their biggest challenges, while only 49% of employers conduct international background checks to standardize their quality of hire.

Organizations that checks international background of employees can shorten their hiring process and make it safer by ensuring that their potential employee can comply with their professional and moral standards.


Employment screening regulations vary by jurisdiction and industry, which might make the process of obtaining information seem complex for employers. Organizations do need to be aware of global regulations, and that the ability to seek and use information could be quite different from the United States. Global Background Screening obtains all country-specific authorizations to keep your company fully compliant.


Generally, international checks take around 6-15 days and all depends on the country or region. For instance, a background check in Israel takes around 5 business days where as a background check in China on average takes 15 business days.


Typically, an international background check costs around $60 - $200 depending on the country you need and how in-depth you need to go. View background check pricing and turnaround time per country by selecting the country on our easy-to-use screening portal. The cost for background screening outside of the USA or Canada can get a bit expensive, however due to our years in the field and researchers that go directly to the source, we provide the lowest cost possible to you. In the end, $60 -200 is nothing compared to the time and risk involved with hiring a bad hire. Most Common Add-ons to International Criminal Background Checks

Besides criminal history verification, here are additional add-ons you can add on your orders:

Identity Services:

  1. Country ID Validation - This verifies if the international ID the applicant is using is valid. We use legal and official sources only which includes governmental agencies, embassies and consulates. As the ID information is updated or changed, so does our official sources.

  2. Passport MRZ - If applicant cannot provide you their country ID, we can validate their passport. This takes around 3-5 business days to confirm.

  3. Address Check - Where applicable, we can verify the address validity of the applicant. International countries are more difficult than the USA to verify addresses as there is no simple Social Security Trace that easily provides this information. Cost per jurisdiction is generally around $30-$50.

  4. Employment Verification - GBS can search back up to 7 to 10 years of employment history.

  5. Professional License and Certification - List of licenses are listed on our employment background check page. This process takes around 2-6 business days depending on area.

  6. Education Verification - This is typically run by the "highest education earned" however we can customize the search however needed. This service generally takes 2-5 business days depending on country.

  7. Financial Regulatory Check - These checks search for applicant information that may have disciplinary actions that may have them banned in the financial services industries or other involvement in overall management.

  8. WordScan - This is a 100% database search which is great to add with any other service. It checks over 200 different national and wordwide government run websites for terrorist actions, debarments, exclusions, banned lists, most wanted lists, and many more international sanctions. See the FULL list of our 200 plus international sanctions . It's the most robust sources list from any other company guaranteed.

  9. Other Services like Social media screening, drug testing, reference checks, e verify, and credit reporting verification, and credit history are also available.


Ordering international background checks has never been easier!

Our user-friendly platform allows you to select a country, select the services, pay, and receive the report all through our online portal. Global Background Screening has over 800 researchers worldwide that provide background checks directly from the source – whether it’s from the police department or the courthouse.

Order and get started with an International Background Check Now! Once you select the screening services needed, you will be given the proper consent forms and client login. If you don't see the country needed on the dropdown, contact us and we'll provide you costs.

Contact us at 423-500-4044 or for any additional questions.