Updated: Jun 10

international background check

HR professionals who are tasked with managing international employees, contractors or volunteers for a company or organization will find background checking processes to be much more complicated than what is required of domestic applicants.

In order to avoid any issues related to legal statuses, countries of residence, or past visa issues, organizations need to have a solid understanding of which international candidates are the best fit for the position.

This will require HR professionals to have in-depth knowledge of the background screening processes that need special attention when it comes to non-domestic applicants. Below are some tips and tricks for international background screening.

Know What Is And Is Not Legally Required For Each Position

The first step in any type of background screening verification is to learn what is legally required. The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) requires employers to provide written notice to applicants, contractors, and volunteers before conducting a background check.

This notice must include information about the types of data that will be pulled for the report, the name of the company conducting the report, the purpose of the report, and instructions on the timeframe in which the applicant has to dispute the findings (The Adverse Action Process). View adverse action templates- When it comes to legally required information on a background check, it really varies from position to position.

Similarly, when conducting international background verifications, this applies as well in many other countries, including Europe and Australia.

Smart Screening available Worldwide

During an international employment verification, an organization may need various resources. In today’s era technology is the most powerful weapon when it comes to gathering information. There are various advanced and trusted screening software and websites available online to lessen your burden and cost. Global Background Screening is a technology first background verification company available in 200+ countries and territories. Here are the top features that prove we are creating the new era of screening.

  • Network of over 2500 Researchers Worldwide verifying criminal, civil, and credit in most countries in the world.

  • Over 8k government and organization data sources verifying criminal, anti-money laundering, Terrorist Watchlists, debarments, exclusion lists, financial crimes, healthcare sanctions, bankruptcies, judgments, evictions data

  • Over 30k Adverse Media Sources verifying news all over the world.

  • Partnerships with all top drug testing facilities