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How Effective Is Pre-employment Background Check Screening?

Updated: Jan 25

A survey from Checkster, a reference-checking company, indicates that over 78% of job applicants lie during the hiring process. It’s no surprise that over 65% of companies run background checks on potential employees to uncover the truth about their candidates. Pre-employment background check screening is effective in helping businesses hire the right employees to fill the vacancies.

You can hire qualified candidates.

One main reason why employers conduct background checks on candidates is to ensure they hire trustworthy and qualified individuals. With many applicants lying in their applications, pre-employment background screening can be effective in identifying such individuals. Commonly forged information is related to education, past employment, fake job titles, and responsibilities from companies that do not even exist. Some candidates also include forged certificates that they have never attained.

With an effective background screening process, you can reveal the inaccurate data included in the applicant’s CV. checks references by calling and asking the previous employers relevant questions about the qualifications of the applicant. This process is known as an Investigative Consumer Report. It’s the most effective way to check a candidate’s reputation and experience.

You can only be sure about a candidate’s qualities by performing a pre-employment background check.

Workplace Safety

An effective pre-employment background check helps you protect your workplace from violence and theft by regularly checking criminal records on applicants and employees. GBS reports are comprehensive and include searches on the county, state, and federal levels. The report captures past criminal records and offenses committed by the candidate within the last seven years.

GBS is now offering true Daily Continuous Arrest Monitoring for all our clients for an even more effective background screening process.

How Continuous Criminal Arrest Monitoring Works

With over 12% of employees likely to be arrested in the next five years, conducting continuous criminal monitoring on your employees can ensure your workplace safety by doing away with a potentially dangerous individual. It can also help your business avoid the risk of breaking the regulations put in place concerning such individuals.

While pre-employment background checks effectively determine a candidate’s past criminal history, you will need to move a step higher to stay updated about your employee’s real-time activities and criminal history.

Global Background Screening, LLC vendor partner’s Management Platform provides access to real-time records for bookings, incarcerations, and criminal records.

By using the continuous arrest monitoring service, you will receive real-time notifications on your employees’ latest criminal records.

While the product may not be for everyone, businesses in the financial sector, healthcare, and transport are more likely to benefit from it.

How Do I Order Arrest Monitoring For a Full Year?

We make it as simple as possible to order any services. While picking your services click on the "alert me of any arrests & bookings on my applicant (1 full year).

Avoid Negligent Hiring

As an employer, you are liable for all that is known or not known about their employees. This means you can be held accountable if you don’t conduct an effective pre-employment background screening. If you are hiring for higher-risk positions involving working with vulnerable populations, you should adequately screen your candidates. Other positions that need extensive background screening include driving positions which also include driving records investigation that can be ordered on

Promote Drug-Free Working Space

The Selection report revealed that the US population consumes 60% of the world’s illegal drugs. 23 million Americans use marijuana at least four times every week, while 18 million engage in alcohol abuse. Over 70% of drug and substance abusers are employed and aged between 18 and 34 years. With employees dealing with substance abuse reporting high turnover rates and absenteeism, background checks can help you discourage this behavior within your workplace.

Having some of your employees dealing with alcohol and drug abuse can be a safety threat around your workplace. Apart from the safety issues they pose to clients and other employees, their behavior could easily result in low productivity. Having a clear drug testing policy helps discourage employees from drug and alcohol abuse.

Avoid Losses Associated With Bad Hiring

Career Builder survey reported that over 75% of employers have hired the wrong candidate for a job. As a result, 80% of turnover is due to a bad hire. More than 60% of bad hires also negatively affect the performance of other employees, thereby decreasing productivity.

Companies lose over 5% of annual revenue to employee dishonesty and fraud. One in five fraud cases may result in losses larger than $1 million. It’s clear that employee fraud can harm your business operation if not prevented in the first place. With a pre-employment background check screening in place, your business can avoid such liabilities.

Pre-employment Screening Services:

Other Services: Anonymous STD Testing

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Whether you want to conduct a comprehensive background check on construction, retail, drivers, or healthcare, you can rely on GBS for background screening services.

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