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Youth Sports Background Check Packages Available Online

Updated: Aug 12, 2020

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Global Background Screening (GBS) conducts volunteer background checks for youth sports Organizations across the country. We provide services to the small local teams all the way up to amateur and professional sports club organizations.

Order an Online Background Check Today.

You simply pick the purpose of the check, pay, then our system emails your applicant (Or yourself) the electronic consent. That is it!

For businesses needing more than 10 screens a year, click on "Sign up" on the top right of screen and we'll provide you your own portal to screen. Ask about volume discounts!

Purpose For Background Screening Sports Admin

The purpose of doing volunteer background checks is pretty self explanatory - you never know who is teaching and mentoring our children! GBS has been in the business of screening volunteers for many years. We have all the resources to do proper criminal background checks regardless if it's for employment or for a coach in Little League. Ensure the safety of the children and the members of the community by verifying the criminal history of your workers.

Traditional Services for Volunteer Background Checks

Social Security Search

A social security trace will reveal if the SSN is a valid number issued by the Social Security Administration. Results will also show all address history and aliases associated with the number. This is the starting point for a typical background screen.

Criminal Records Check (County / State Level search)

GBS provides criminal record information on a county or state level (some states require a county level search only), providing detailed history of any crimes committed. This will include Misdemeanor and Felony public record information. Since we abide by the fair credit reporting act, your organization never has to worry about state or federal lawsuits by providing an inaccurate online background check.

Nationwide Criminal Records Search

The Nationwide background check search is recommended with county/state level searches. This search would be ideal if an applicant has been arrested in a random state in the US - that does not correspond to their address history. If there is a “hit” on a possible criminal record - GBS would then narrow the search down to a county level search to determine if it is an accurate record to be reported.

Nationwide Sex Offender Search

This background check service is one of the most important products to conduct when screening volunteers that are working with children.

Driving Records History

If the volunteer or employee's roles require any type of driving, GBS highly recommends a driving record search. All driving criminal background history is listed - including any traffic violations, suspensions and/or any administrative action that has been taken against a driver. DUI's and other higher high level traffic cases are typically included in most industry standard courts and driving history is not needed.

Drug Screening- Easily Order Online

Global Background Screening LLC conducts drug screening and offers several different drug panels to choose from; 5, 10, 12 and DOT regulated employment background . All positive tests are reviewed by a Medical Review Officer who would take into consideration any prescription medications that applicant is taking, etc.

Social Media Information

Our newest product on the market is the social media search. We can provide you within 24 hours social media background information that shows violence, racist, or custom keywords of your choice. Our powerful social media searches use rare tools that can scrape info, images, and videos. The Social Media Search can provide verification on these platforms: Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook, Reddit and Instagram.

Non-Profit Background Checks, Elder care background checks and hospital volunteers.

Order an Online Background Check for Youth Sports Today!

Our background screening portal can be accessed through our website where you can safely and securely enter all applicant data that has been provided by the applicant. Account Setup takes seconds, and you can check out on our platform effortlessly is sent directly to the applicant for them to complete. This will start the process automatically by sending the e-consent form directly to the applicant. If needed, we can reduce risk by including a Google Search.

How To Order A Background Check Online On Myself

People are curious and want to know what the background check will reveal. You can order a background check on yourself through the GBS website and on the home page, simply cling “Order a Background Check on Myself.”

Many people want a personal background check to see or have an idea what type of information employers can see. You can do a background check by hiring a company and have a paid background check or via the internet by doing background check you can also see that all information which is available on the internet is correct or not. Our company also provide online background check through this you can quickly check your criminal history.

By doing an online search, you have to provide your name, date of birth, place of birth and residential address.

· Information about relatives, friends, and family

· Your address history

· Criminal record Search

· Sex offender history

Our criminal background checks are all filtered and checked in-house by our team to make sure we follow the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) and the EEOC. Other companies, like BeenVerified - a famous peoplefinders site, are simply database searches that are many times out-of-date and not verified by a human. Due to this, these online background check sites are illegal to use for an employment background check.

These companies are not considered consumer reporting agencies (CRAs) since their search options do not double check their information at the source (County/State Level).

How running your own background check helps you?

Personal background checks help you know what type of information is going to show up on employment or volunteer consumer reports. Personal background checks do not need to abide by the FCRA or EEOC, so we can provide you full information and let you know what would have most likely been filtered.

Another reason to order a criminal background check on yourself is to ensure that all information that is provided is correct. Since we go directly to the source, we will let you know where this information was listed so you can call and correct the info on your file.

What Kind Of Report Do I Get?