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About Our Founder & Our New Modern E-Commerce Background Check Platform

Updated: Aug 9, 2020

Bill Jones is the Founder of Global Background Screening, LLC (GBS), a modern leader in the background check industry, based out of Johnson City, TN.

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Bill's Vision of Criminal Background Checks

His vision to create a simple yet powerful platform to order a background check online securely and accurately has finally come to life. No, not the typical people search sites that simply scrape data from numerous unregulated and unorganized sources, like the company BeenVerified.

Don't get me wrong, these people search sites are a decent starting point, but no other company will provide a personal background check report and provide feedback as to what an employer would most likely see and not see.

After selling his 3rd background check company, Data Probe in 2005, Bill opened GBS early 2019 and has partnered and developed the most seamless and robust criminal background checks platform beyond that of top industry leaders Sterling and First Advantage , with the help of a growing tech advertising and web development company called CuriousCheck.

Global Background Screening's New Features

Global Background Screening is a fully insured and compliant consumer reporting agency (CRA) . GBS specializes in small to medium sized businesses.

With the new feature letting regular people, employers and tenants order a background check online, he aims to fully automate the process by going beyond 100% paperless and also going 100% email-less by integrating directly with the employer's online portals.

"One major issue background screening companies are dealing with in 2020 are delays with electronic consent forms going either to spam or being overlooked by the applicant. The strategic tech partnership with CuriousCheck provides the extra level of seamless experience for the applicant and most importantly for the employer.
GBS is easily able to create bank-secure seamless custom portals that either attach to an employer's website or create a landing page on our site. This process does not take more than 2-3 days, where as most there are no tech limitations, which is a major issue in these massive background check companies using out-dated systems." - Bill Jones

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Top 3 Criminal Background Check Industry Leader Complaints

You can see the level of disappointment by simply reading reviews from the top Industry leaders. If you read the complaints, not only is technology limitations to blame, but also because they're so big they outsource their applicant support teams to countries like India and Philippines. We constantly receive small to medium sized businesses leaving these companies because they own the first page of Google, but do provide the same level of customer service, especially to the smaller clients with 1000 or less employees.

Read the from the top 3 background screening companies in 2020 below:

Best online background check companies and reviews

More Research:

Sterling Background Checks - Trustpilot Reviews - 2.9/5

First Advantage Background Checks - Yelp Reviews 1/5 and over 100 complaints on BBB HireRight Background Checks (now merged with GIS) with a 2.5/5 on TrustLink


Life of Founder - Bill Jones

Bill Jones was born in Kingsport, TN (part of the Tri-Cities area of TN) and has always considered this part of the country his home due to his love of the mountains and the easy-going lifestyle - he wanted to make this area of East Tennessee home to the corporate offices of Global Background Screening.

Bill is a US Air Force Veteran and a retired private investigator. With an awesome and friendly crew running the everyday operations for global criminal background checks, drug screening, credit history and more...Bill is now able to pursue his passion of travel.

He travels the country in an RV – a cargo van that has been customized into a fully functional RV.

Since 2014, Bill has documented his travels and has gone to: States: Texas (TX), Florida (FL), California (CA), Minnesota (MN), Ohio (OH), Wisconsin (WI), Virginia (VI), Georgia (GA), New Jersey (NJ), Kentucky (KY), Utah, Vermont (VT), Tennessee, (TN), Nevada (NV), Washington (WA), Pennsylvania, (PA), Michigan (MI), North Carolina (NC)

Cities New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston, Phoenix, San Diego, Dallas, Austin, Jacksonville, Columbus, Charlotte, Seattle, Washington, Boston, El Paso, Las Vegas, Baton Rouge, Atlanta, Knoxville

Countries Canada

Bill Jones' Personal Blog

He details his travel experiences on his blog at

Please visit this blog if you are at all curious about life on the road and more on the founder!!

Here's a little excerpt from his blog....

Living in a van means Freedom!

This is by far the answer I hear over and over when I ask van dwellers why they chose to live in a van.

I’ve been living in my van off and on for several years now. I don’t do it out of necessity as some do, I live and travel in my van to experience the real America. So yes, I agree with the majority of van dwellers, I do it for the freedom as well.

I don’t want to stay in hotels or motels or paid camp grounds or camping resorts, but to sleep in my van where and when I please.