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Recruitment Ideas That Will Help You Attract Remote Real Estate Agents

Updated: Jan 25

Back when the concept of working from home was first introduced, it was often associated with freelancing and traditional office work that can be fulfilled primarily through computers. Nowadays, thanks to technology, there’s a wide variety of jobs that can be done at home—including those in real estate.

This is why remote work is now a big selling point in many real estate agent recruitment campaigns. That’s because it’s not just about staying safe, but also about being able to produce top-notch work at the comfort of one’s home (or favorite coffee shop).

Indeed, hiring remote real estate agents offers plenty of benefits. For the candidate, maintaining the right work-life balance is highly important. For your brokerage, on the other hand, remote workers can expand your coverage. It can also give you access to more talented candidates.

For more ideas to hire top-notch real estate agents, you can check out this link: If you’re trying to attract remote agents in particular, below are a few more helpful tips:

Use the Right Tools for Hiring and Background Checks

When you’re trying to source and hire remote real estate agents, you need to show them that you can facilitate it properly. This means you need to use the right tools when talking to them. For example, you should have a video conferencing tool ready for remote interviews. You should also have software that lets you assess behavior and culture fit.

When you show that you can seamlessly handle remote hiring processes, it’s easier to convince real estate agents that their remote employment with you will be as smooth as can be.

Make Sure Your Script Is On-Point

It’s helpful to use a real estate recruitment script if you’re looking for remote real estate agents. This way, you won’t forget any of the important details—especially those that relate to remote working.

A key element here would be how your remote agents stay connected with the rest of the company. Do you conduct regular online get-togethers? Do you fly them out a couple of times a year for events such as holiday parties? Make sure to let candidates know about these, as these are important activities when it comes to building team rapport.

Another thing you should talk about and be able to provide would be the tools that remote agents can use. Aside from video conferencing tools, do you have a CRM? A 3D or VR software is also great for virtual home showcases. This allows remote real estate agents to have even more flexibility and do their jobs more effectively.

Source From the Right Channels

Even if it’s now more common, remote working can still be considered “non-traditional” in some aspects. As such, you need to have a non-traditional source for your candidates. Go beyond the usual places such as job boards or social media platforms. Look for more specific avenues, such as dedicated websites for remote working or even niche websites (e.g., for developers, there is Stack Overflow).

It can also be beneficial if your brokerage is present in communities and websites that expose you to remote real estate agents. For example, try to join social media groups of remote agents. You can also sign up for a directory of employers that offer work-from-home arrangements.

Make Sure Your Online Presence Is Polished

If a remote real estate agent is looking for a job, they’re most likely doing so through online means. In short, your online presence should be as robust as possible so that these agents will find you more easily. Aside from your brokerage’s website, you should also pay attention to your social media accounts. Create appropriate content for each and make good use of built-in insights to determine which kinds of posts perform well.

You can also invest in SEO marketing and implement strategies so that your brokerage and your job posts appear on the first page of search results. This increases your brokerage’s exposure, and also increases the chance that potential candidates would visit your site or click your ads.

Give a Preview of Your Brokerage’s Work-From-Home Life

While there’s definitely more freedom if a real estate agent has a remote work set-up, you still have to be able to provide structure. This is helpful in ensuring that every agent is guided by the brokerage’s principles, mission, vision, and values.

To entice remote real estate agents to join your brokerage, give them a preview of how you handle work-from-home arrangements. Describe your company culture in general, and your remote work culture in particular. By giving them a realistic peek into how your people work from home, the candidates can personally decide early on if they’ll be a good fit and if they’ll like working with you.

If you can, include testimonials of your current roster of remote agents in your pitch. This makes your proposal more convincing and more relatable.

Good luck in searching for remote real estate agents. Hopefully, with these tips and ideas, you’ll be able to hire the best ones for your brokerage.


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Embracing the remote work trend in real estate is a game-changer, and this article delivers some groundbreaking recruitment ideas. Attracting top-notch remote agents can indeed open doors to broader markets and offer flexibility that's highly sought after. For those who might be looking to sell your home from a different state or even country, having a remote agent can be a boon. The strategies outlined here are timely and forward-thinking, catering to the evolving needs of both agents and clients. A must-read for any agency aiming to stay ahead in the digital age!

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